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Sheer numbers have made it a must for companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, and leaders to create their own Facebook marketing strategy. It’s not enough to just have a Fan Page, post updates, and answer comments. The market – present and potential customers – is just too huge to take for granted. To get their attention, a [...]


FAcebook PPC

Want to make a lot of money using Facebook PPC Advertising? This guest post is a training by paid media specialist Brian Couch, who has generated thousands of leads, likes, and sales for the work from home niche using Facebook pay per click advertising. Bottom line… if you want to make sales today, pay for [...]



Google decided to make a Page Rank update in December 2013. This was unexpected and we may have seen a preview of what is to come in 2014 regarding SEO. Some websites saw a reduction in page rank while others saw a boost with their page rank, which is also commonly known as page juice. [...]


Tips To Finding Online Work

by robert strong


Online work – or the thought of engaging in them – is becoming attractive to many corporate types for obvious reasons. It allows you to manage your own time. It provides you an autonomy and independence that you cannot enjoy if you are working under another boss. Ugh…..the feeling of having a boss looking over [...]


Hobbies Ideas

You may be asking yourself, are there hobbies that make money…here is one thing to consider first! If you find yourself in a financial pinch, look inward and see if you do have what it takes to do hobbies that make money. There are tons of hobbies and crafts that you can do, even hobbies [...]


time management

Time management tips have become among the most sought-after guidelines in any self-help or self-improvement class – and with good reason. But is it real? There are plenty of time management strategies, time management games online and even some effective time management skills that you could read about and possibly even free time management templates… [...]


Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days

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The internet can be the fuel to make your business soar in 2014, and Mike Dillard’s book ‘Building on a Budget’ shows you how. But only if you are willing to do what is needed to be successful, still with me? Good…. The title is appropriate and right to the point. Dillard, a colleague and [...]

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Blog Commenting Tips To Make Your Posts Stand Out

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Now before you jump all the way down to the video on blog commenting tips, I reveal some other tips here in the actual blog post…..ah sneaky aren’t I? You may be new and asking yourself, “how to do blog commenting” and before you take someone’s advice and try to find the best blog commenting [...]

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7 Simple Steps To Make Money Writing

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If you are looking to make money writing, the internet has opened the door for aspiring writers to make their work and their names known to the blogging public. Prior to the creation of cyberspace, only traditional journalists who went to journalism school had access to the news agencies, magazines, and newspapers. Other writers took [...]

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Why Black Belt Recruiting Is The Key To Marketing Success

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Black Belt Recruiting, here is the first question you need to be asking yourself! Are you shuttering about picking up that phone and calling that lead that just opted into your site? Yeah so was I! We all know that the first phone call with the objective of making a sales pitch or trying to [...]

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