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Critical Email Marketing Tips For Better Open Rates

by robert strong

email marketing

Email marketing has been my secret weapon for the last couple of years… I’ve been operating in a small niche, testing email marketing ideas following what gurus teach and many times going against what they teach…

The result?

I have kicked some major butt and put gurus to shame with unheard of 70 to 98% email open rates!!!

Unheard Of Email Marketing Results

Critical Email Marketing Tips For Better Open Rates

Email Marketing Tips

Now… truth be told, I don’t get 98% every time… I actually average 48% to 65%… and every now and then I’m in the 70 to 80% open rates!

… and I’m about to share some of my secrets so you can start to do the same…

Tip #1 Care about your subscribers

The biggest mistake I see marketers make is to send out an email with the whole purpose of getting them to ‘buy’…

Some marketers have a mentality of ‘my way or the highway’… you either buy or get off my list!!

… that is bad…

Just because a person subscribes to your list and doesn’t buy right away, doesn’t mean that thy are freeloaders… that doesn’t make them a non-buyer…

I’ve had people subscribed to my email list that didn’t buy anything from me for a full year or longer!! Then when I came up with a better offer, they purchased all my products!

The reason they didn’t buy at first was they weren’t sold entirely… but with time as I shared great content and they saw the results I was getting, they were ready to buy… trust was built and when your list trusts you, you can influence your list…

The more you care and help your subscribers the more they’ll trust you…

Tip #2 Write to your best customer

Critical Email Marketing Tips For Better Open RatesOne thing about marketing and putting yourself out there is that you’ll have all kinds of people read and comment on what you do…

You will get freeloaders, and you will get haters…

It’s inevitable… and unfortunately, dumber people are usually louder and more outspoken… you may hear more from haters and trolls than you do from your best customers…

When people critique you, don’t get discouraged… Just make sure you are sharing good content with the best information you can come up with…

Forget about haters and those who judge you and focus on helping your best customer!

In order to write to your best customer you need to get to know your market… find out the similarities of all the people who buy from you… what are their hot buttons… what do they respond to… and create a character… an avatar that represents your best customers…

…. and when you write, write to that avatar…

Tip #3 Subject line relevance

Market to message match doesn’t end after a click or a sign up… market to message match is never ending…

Your email open rates will be highly influenced by your subject line… however, when you do email marketing right, you don’t need to try hard to get someone’s attention…

The biggest mistake I see gurus make (including well known, top gurus) is that they try too hard to get attention with a subject line… They’ll write something weird like “Bears make good internet marketers“…

… or other subject lines that try to mimic the National Enquirer… except they are not National Enquirer and their subject lines are not as good as the National Enquirer…

What’s worse is that sometimes, the email content has nothing to do with the subject line… when it does, the connection between the fancy subject line and the email content is usually stupid (for lack of a better word) and I lose interest…

I would much rather write an email with a one or two word subject line as long as it’s relevant…

Example… “Email Marketing“… boom, simple and anyone currently interested will open up the email… and if you’ve cared for your subscribers, you’ll get readership…

Critical Email Marketing Tips For Better Open Rates

Tip #4 Segment your list

This goes along with writing a relevant subject line for the content of the email and offer… except I take it a step further…

I have a ‘general list’ and I have smaller lists where I make offers dealing with specific offers…

For example… I would have a list for “Internet Marketing” and then sublists like “Video marketing”, “Email Marketing” “SEM”, “SEO”, etc.

I will send an email to my general list about one of these subtopics and after that email, I will only send follow up emails to those that opened the first email…

This is one way I get upwards of 70 to 80% open rates…

Segmenting is key for conversion!

Tip #5 Have Consistency

It is tough to commit to writing every single week… I know because it wears me down sometimes…

… but this is one way to increase your overall open rates…

In one of my businesses, I send out a weekly newsletter every Friday at 7 am like clockwork… in addition to sending out other offers or adding emails to my auto-responder series…

The key thing here is that having a set day and time to email a branded newsletter, gives readers a reason to stay subscribed…

By branded, I mean I send out an email that stands apart from my auto-responders… My auto-responders are plain and usually have only one link or offer per email… My newsletters have links to my previous 5 newsletters, product pages and a couple of offers…

The goal of the auto-responder is to sell one specific thing…

The goal of the weekly newsletter is to hook the reader into staying subscribed until next week… and to make offers…

I have no doubt that doing just one of these tips will improve your email marketing performance… but when you do all of this, there is a compounding effect and that’s how I’ve been able to get better results…


Critical Email Marketing Tips For Better Open RatesThere are other aspects like copy-writing involved and finding a voice to write with… If you want to learn more about that, feel free to visit my blog at

This blog post is a companion to the original video on 5 tips to increase email open rates

Written by Jorge Zarate which is a Email marketing king , creating and maintaining phenomenal results with unheard of open rates.

Critical Email Marketing Tips For Better Open Rates

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Critical Email Marketing Tips For Better Open Rates

robert strong

Internet Marketing Ninja at
I was a once over worked under paid and definitively under appreciated retail manager that had enough of the corporate rat race. I found a creative solution to work less, make more money and live the life that i wanted to live and not what others wanted me to. click here right now to see the simple little system that I'm using that can help you make more money in any business you are in right now!
Amylia Chiew says:

Great tips here and I am definitely paying attention to this! If it’s one thing that I haven’t yet mastered, it is THIS! But with practice and following your tips here, I’m sure to get there. Your open rates are awesome! Thanks, Robert :)

sheena says:

great tips robert! your blogs are always awesome. thanks for sharing

Hi Sheena,

You are so welcome, I have to thank my friend Jorge though for providing this guest blog post…..I was just the sharing point! I hope that you got a few tips that will help you move forward even more in your business!

robert strong recently posted..Blog Commenting Tips To Make Your Posts Stand OutMy Profile

Sandy says:

Great post, thanks for the amazing tips!

Hi Sandy,

Great to see you here again! I am so grateful that Jorge shared this with us…. he is killing it!
robert strong recently posted..Blog Commenting Tips To Make Your Posts Stand OutMy Profile

Saqib Khan says:

Hey Robert awesome post my friend. Email marketing is huge and can be really profitable when done the right way. All of these tips are very helpful/beneficial and that open rate is just CRAZY!!! Keep on kicking butt brother! :)
Saqib Khan recently posted..Saturday Night Live On The Strip In Turkey! LOLMy Profile

Hi Saqib,

I am glad that you liked the post, and yes they are some awesome numbers. I am just hoping that whoever reads this post, will actually follow the tips and put them into play, and get better results as well.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts! I really appreciate it!
robert strong recently posted..7 Simple Steps To Make Money WritingMy Profile

Mike Marryat says:

Hey Robert, those are some impressive numbers and great tips for e-mail marketing. I know you fill your posts and videos with value so your e-mails must be awesome! I’ll have to use some of your tips here! Thanks for sharing!

Markell T says:

Yo great post man awesome tips!

Hey Markell,

I am glad that you liked them, hope the tips help you get better open rates as well!

robert strong recently posted..7 Simple Steps To Make Money WritingMy Profile

Good morning Mike,

I know those are some pretty impressive numbers, while they are not my numbers, I started using some of these tips and it is amazing what is possible! I am glad that you liked the post, have a great day and see you soon!
robert strong recently posted..7 Simple Steps To Make Money WritingMy Profile

Julio Afonso says:

There are great tip on your blog, Robert.
And I do hope that more people actually read and follow those tips,
There are a lot of marketeers out there that do need to learn how to engage their audience, the end result is that none would follow their blogs, but instead choose the option to unsubscribe.
This blog has been saved on my favorite for future reference.
Thank you again for sharing.

Hi Julio,
First of all I would like to thank you for stopping by, as I know this is the first time that you have been here. Without new visitors like you and the loyal readers, this would all be for noting…. I am glad that you found value from this blog post, it was very helpful to tons of people!

Hope to see you again soon, and thank you again for sharing your thoughts!
robert strong recently posted..7 Simple Steps To Make Money WritingMy Profile

Hey Robert, thanks for sharing this guest post by Jorge. This actually got my wheels turning and have been looking for better ways to do email marketing. This will definitely be a great share!
sherman smith recently posted..Are You Rejecting Risk?My Profile

Hi Sherman,

You are so welcome, I am just glad that Jorge came to the table with such content…it is really great stuff!
robert strong recently posted..Ads on Twitter That Draws Endless LeadsMy Profile

Great post here, Robert. Learning how to do email marketing is critical. It’s how I make most of my money. The money is in the follow up. And I really like your idea about writing to your best customer. That is a great point. Thanks for sharing.
MLM Resource Center recently posted..Mar 2, How to Price Your MLM eBook?My Profile

Drew Iaconis says:

Great post Robert! I have been actually looking for email tips as I am feeling I need to work on it the most right now. Appreciate the post and actually am wondering if maybe you have any other posts on emails or maybe some info you could pass on to me? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for this content rich post.
Drew Iaconis recently posted..The Seven Lies of Success – Part OneMy Profile

Hey Drew,

I personally do not at my finger tips but of you Google Jorge Zarate… he was the one that made the Guest Post and there is a link at the bottom of this post that takes you to a video of his that also talks about email marketing….you should check it out….it is a really great video!
robert strong recently posted..What Are Backlinks And Easy Ways to Get ThemMy Profile

Jorge says:


Glad you found this helpful… I personally don’t have much material on email marketing… I do more than I teach… but if you have a specific question, time permiting I’m more than happy to help…

Amanda Reimer says:

Well he did a great job, couldn’t have asked for better info! Definitely a win-win situation!

I was so happy when I saw the rough draft he sent me….I made such minute changes it was so nice…with so much value! I am also glad he is one of team mates in the WTF Ninja’s for the Traffic Playbook!
robert strong recently posted..What Are Backlinks And Easy Ways to Get ThemMy Profile

Amanda Reimer says:

This is an awesome post revealing some GREAT tips on email marketing. Those open rates are phenomenal. It really is about getting in touch with your subscribers and giving them the relevant information they are looking for. We live in such a “shove it in your face and buy now” world, that it is easy to forget that sometimes dripping on people is the best strategy.

Hi Amanda,

Thank you so much, but I have to give all the credit to my dear friend Jorge Zarate, he is the author. I just offered people to do guest blog posts and he was the first one to jump on board…I feel that it was a win win situation….I think I am going to offer it again to people.
robert strong recently posted..What Are Backlinks And Easy Ways to Get ThemMy Profile

Jorge says:

Thank you… and yes… some follow the burn and churn method where they sell sell sell until their buyers either buy or unsubscribe…

Personally I’m willing to sacrifice selling on the first few email in exchange for a long term relationship… like I mentioned, some subscribers didn’t buy from me for a full year, but when they bought they went all out…

Joan Harrington says:

Jorge Zarate, this is my first time coming to your site, and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this post and how much value I have found with it. Thank you for sharing all of these tips to help get better open rates with our emailing marketing :) Kudos to you!! I know so many times I have struggled to figure out why my emails do not get opened and now you have just explained so well, thank you!

God Bless,
Joan Harrington
Joan Harrington recently posted..The 2 Techniques To Finally End ProcrastinationMy Profile

Robert Strong says:

Hey Joan,

This was a guest post by Jorge and he did a stellar job, I think that anyone really reading this will find so much value and ways to succeed with email marketing, if they actually take the actions. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!
Robert Strong recently posted..Simple Ways To Profit From Network Marketing TodayMy Profile

Joan Harrington says:

Thank you Robert for sharing it on your blog! Great job btw! So many can benefit from this information….I know I am one of them! Taking action is the key!

You are welcome,
Joan Harrington recently posted..The 2 Techniques To Finally End ProcrastinationMy Profile

Robert Strong says:

Good morning Joan,

You are so welcome, I am offering people to do guest blog posts on my site with a few parameters. Jorge was the first one to take advantage of this and it was a huge success, there was a great deal of sharing by so many people. We are glad that you benefited from this post, and you are right, the key is just taking action!
Robert Strong recently posted..Melaleuca Reviews: Is It Worth A Try?My Profile

Jorge says:

Glad you found this helpful… part of email marketing is branding yourself… at first you may not get many open rates if people don’t know you, but the more you put yourself out there and show others that you want to help they’ll notice and start to listen…

Notice how this guest blog post has no offers or sells anything… it’s just me helping others (and in a way branding myself by showing my expertise)… the fact that I have no offer is sometimes as compelling as having an offer…


WOW !!! This is very cool. I am going over the tips again and taking notes! Can’t wait to implement them into my up and coming email marketing campaign. Just today I attended a “Gurus” webinar…and Jorge’s tips have more gold in one tip that the entire webinar. Great content fellas. Keep it up. Thank you!


Robert Strong says:

Hi Eddie,

I am so glad that you found these tips so helpful, I know that Jorge gave everything he had including the kitchen sink during this training! As you start using some of his golden tips, you will have to let the readers know some of the results that you are getting.

Thanks for stopping by and giving us your feedback!
Robert Strong recently posted..MLM Online Made SimpleMy Profile

Jorge says:

Thanks Eddie… that’s good to hear… notice how I’m not even selling anything… just sharing pure knowledge…

Bill Solano says:


Great content, these tips will really energize any e-mail marketer’s campaign.

Keep them coming.


Robert Strong says:

Hi Bill,

I know these were some killer tips, Jorge knocked this one out of the park, he is a rockstar when it comes to email marketing. I need to pick up a few things from him!
Robert Strong recently posted..Critical Email Marketing Tips For Better Open RatesMy Profile

Jorge says:

Thanks Bill… glad to be masterminding with you guys…
Jorge recently posted..Comment on Eben Pagan GURU Product Blueprint by JorgeMy Profile

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