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Simple And Quick Money Making Ideas

by robert strong


Don’t quit and think it’s hopeless – take a look at these quick money making ideas and know that there are solutions to your financial problems. Some of them are fairly simple, some of them are even unique and can even appear to be unusual, (ok maybe really unusual) but they can give you the cash you need to see you through an emergency.

And that’s what makes these quick money making ideas so valuable:  they are quick and mostly painless!

They won’t make you wait for weeks before they give you that needed pay check.

All you need to do is look around, open your mind, and consider the possibilities. And trust me there are tons of possibilities and now with the power of the internet, you can also start making money within a few hours even.

Now I got this idea to make this post because I noticed how many people were going online and looking for “fast easy money ideas”, “quick money business ideas” and a few others.

So sit back grab your drink and a bowl of chips and think of how these can help you find ways to earn money fast or even more easy money making ideas.

Quick Money Making Ideas In Advertisement

Simple And Quick Money Making IdeasBE AN EVENT STAFFER – List this among your quick money making ideas. It’s similar to what a sales assistant does in a supermarket, but this one you can do for events, conferences, trade shows, and all those other big gatherings where some things are being sold.

The organizers or the companies that are displaying their products are usually looking for able-bodied men and women who can man their booths, distribute their flyers, answer questions from onlookers, and even wear their  T-shirts with their logos proudly emblazoned on them.

This kind of job pays hourly.

So if you line, sign up, and get the assignment, just put in the hours, and get paid for your diligence at the end of the day or your shift.

RENT YOUR CAR FOR ADVERTISEMENT -  Ever seen those bright colorful ads displaying the images of your favorite french fries, hamburger, soda, or even the latest and greatest tablet on buses and other cars?

They don’t get there by accident.

Advertisers do not just look at those big buses that own the roads but they also want to use those cozy family cars and other familiar vehicles for their display ads. This is their reason: the sight of those vehicles that are part of the American transport system and which are used to bring everyone in the family to their respective locations creates an emotional connection between the ad and the customer.

It’s like the family itself is advertising.

Simple And Quick Money Making Ideas

So if you have wheels that can spare, or you don’t mind driving your own car with those ads placed prominently at the back for all to see, seek out the car organizer who is looking for ‘car advertisers’ and sign up. You just might find yourself  at the start of a new adventure.

Not bad for options for quick money making ideas up to this point.

 Physical Quick Money Making Ideas

DONATE YOUR DNA – Some quick money making ideas may not come as effortless as this, although this will take courage on your part.

This can come in three ways.

First is your  plasma or that precious red liquid that runs through your veins and keeps you and I alive. Blood banks and medical centers pay around $25 – $50 per ounce. They do have to check you for communicable diseases and blood type, thank god for this rule right?

I mean I am not really up for rules and all that stuff, but that is definitely a good one to have!

Simple And Quick Money Making IdeasThen there is the matter of gender differentiation. Women and men can donate that part of their genetic material that has to do with reproduction. The ladies can give of their eggs, while the gentlemen can provide their sperm. These eggs and sperms are frozen and locked in a bank where they can be thawed later on to form an embryo that will be implanted in another lady’s womb as her embryo. Because their procedures are more difficult, a lady can be paid $5000 – $8000 per egg while a man can get $500 – $2000 per sperm.

Well as much criticism that I may get for putting this option on my blog, I thought that it may cause a few really cool comments….? I hope I do not offend anyone with the idea above, and if I did…..well welcome to the 21st century!

BE A HANDYMAN -  This is among the easiest to do in your list of quick money making ideas, or what I like to consider as fast money ideas. If you don’t feel comfortable donating those intimate parts of your genetic material, try lending a hand, figuratively speaking of course. Take a walk around your neighborhood and see which houses need painting and which lawns need mowing. Some elderly people may also need an all-around man or woman who can watch over them, run errands for them, or just engage them in conversation.

This was always fun as a kid, having conversations with people that were much older than me, and watching them play with their teeth as they talked….

You know exactly what I am talking about…..don’t act like you don’t, but at least maybe now you can use this as one of the quick money making ideas that makes you a few extra bucks to cover the rent, make the car payment or enjoy dinner with your “friend”.

Simple And Quick Money Making Ideas

Take it to the other end – and this time the need is for babysitters. Young couples who have engagements during the evening or are busy at work in the afternoon might look for someone who is willing to watch over their little ones while they are away, or their 10 year old son that no one else will watch….

The next time an emergency arises, don’t panic. Take a look around your neighborhood and check your physical vitality – that’s enough to start you on the way to search for quick money making ideas.

Now are you ready to see the quick money making ideas online that I have been using for quite awhile?

Do some of the ideas that I mentioned above make you a little uneasy, well good, they did for me as well….We must have at least one thing in common then!

What if I could show you a way to use the internet to make some money?

What if you could work a couple hours a days on it, or give someone a few bucks to do the work for you….yes I did say work….nothing I do involves sitting on my couch eating bon bons, playing videos games and watching the money fall out of the sky!

So you are still here, not afraid of work…

That’s good, neither was I..

So if you are finally ready to see what I am doing click on the link below to get access to my video!

Simple And Quick Money Making Ideas
If you enjoyed this post on what to consider when it comes to quick money making ideas, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with others on Facebook and Twitter, and share yours below as a comment.

Simple And Quick Money Making Ideas

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Simple And Quick Money Making Ideas

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Tamal Krishna says:

Hey Robert, you have really put a few great ideas to make some quick money. But you know, always it’s not possible for everyone to follow. Money surely plays a very important role in our life. But I think we should also be careful about how to use it. Probably we will be able to save more money than what we usually can. People don’t really need to find quick ways to earn, but they need to find some stable ways that will work continuously for a long time.
Tamal Krishna recently posted..How To Really Make Money Blogging : Reality Exposed.My Profile

Hey Tamal,

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a great comment! And you make a great point with people using their money! Having a residual income is ideal!

Have a great day!
robert strong recently posted..How To Make Money At Home OnlineMy Profile

Thanks for these great ideas on how to earn some money quickly, especially during emergency. There are indeed a lot of ways to earn money, we just have to be hard working enough and money will come easily.
Connor Harley recently posted..Help with Setting up a BusinessMy Profile

Hey Connor,

Sorry I missed a few of your comments….seems I have tons coming in these days and hey get caught by filters….but I am glad that you thought that the ideas were great, and you are so right, we just have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make that money…. well as long as it isn’t illegal….like I mention in this post…

As always thank you for commenting and stopping by!
robert strong recently posted..Money Making Web Sites To Help You Earn Extra IncomeMy Profile

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