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What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money?

by robert strong

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It’s a valid question especially when times are tough and we need extra cash in our wallet now, but the answer is there is no quickest way to make money.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, there are several.

There are tons of people that are looking on Google for how to make money, fast way to make money and even free quick ways make money. I see it everyday, the amount of searches that these terms get, and for good reason. Well duh, it’s Google….but also, people are needing more than they are getting at their job.

So let’s take a little look at few things that you can do….while these are not for everyone, you may find one that you like!

Let’s categorize all these money making ventures that can be done within the span of an hour or perhaps a day. That means that you also earn that amount of money in that same span of time. There are online tools and there are offline opportunities. But you need to be able to think fast, move fast, and in some cases, go out of your personal comfort zone. More than a little sacrifice is sometimes needed to arrive at the quickest way to make money.

Quickest Way To Make Money – Help Your Neighbor

What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money?A lot of people who have tried it say that donating blood is the quickest way to make money or one of the ways to make extra money. Organizations like the Red Cross, health centers, hospitals and even some universities are always looking to replenish their blood banks. Payment is done immediately after you have finished the process, and the rate ranges from $20 to $40 depending on the volume of blood that you have given. You can also donate blood to the same organization twice a week, so that’s $40 to $80 within seven days if you are so inclined.

You do need to be healthy before you can donate blood. To minimize the physical weakness that will happen once you have given off your precious fluid, you have to eat lots of food and drink several glasses of water prior to having your blood taken. This so-called quickest way to make money likewise may not necessarily be open for everyone. Some states like California prohibit the making of money through blood donation.

Other organizations may not state it explicitly in their laws for fear of being accused of discriminatory practices, but they do not accept certain individuals who they believe may have contracted AIDS due to their sexual practices.

Another unique way to earn a few extra bucks which may just be the quickest way to make money is participate in police ID parades. We’ve seen this happen in many crime films or TV shows. To help a witness identify a suspect, said suspect is asked to stand in a line with other people who have similar profiles. The witness then chooses who he remembers as the person he saw executing the crime. Now in a given police line-up, there is only one suspect that the prosecutor is looking at. The rest of the participants in the line-up are innocent citizens who are paid to stand in line. If you have the courage and interest to join in this kind of work, ask directions from your local police office.

 Quickest Way To Make Money – Provide Solutions

Babysitting certainly qualifies as a candidate for the quickest way to make money. You get paid an average of $50 for a few hours’ work on the same day. Other ways to earn a few dollars similar to this is to do care-giving for senior citizens or the elderly. Many of them, who are old enough to be our grandparents, cannot mow their lawns or repair their doors or carry heavy objects that need to be lifted. Some of them also need a companion or two to help them with small errands during the day.

Some freelancers who are expert in online work have sworn to as the quickest way to make money. While it is true that many part-time jobs and projects are posted on sites such as and,  the ones who would apply for these assignments must have the necessary skills to be accepted. Some companies even require certification. Using these sites to generate income on a weekly basis is one of the ways to make money online, but it is not my favorite, as I am doing something much more profitable and more fun in my mind!

What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money? differs because it does not look for credentials or experience, but rather solutions to problems – and they are willing to pay good money for it. Just take a look at the current example:if you can advise this particular company how they can minimize damage on the surface of their chocolate product and prove it, they are willing to pay you $20,000. There are many different money making ideas out on the net, you really just need to pick one that you like, and can see yourself doing for awhile.

That’s a lot of money admittedly, and other jobs may not pay as much. But there is work out there to be done, and payment can be collected as soon as you have finished the task. Go online, check your neighborhood – and you just may find the quickest way to make money.

I do have to admit though, one of the biggest searches that I have found that people make is “quickest way make million”, in which I there isn’t a real quick way to make a million, but maybe a few thousand a day…

Are you ready to see exactly how I go about making 1625.00 a day * (please read disclaimer) – it really is not that hard…..

Are you ready to see how you can go about spending 1-2 hours a day and make that type of money….

Ready to make trips to Vegas like I did this last weekend and the first day I was there….this happened?

What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money? This is no joke guys…. I was in a Private Mastermind that people actually pay 9997.00 to sit in an talk about what is working and what is not….

I spend my time on what works, what provides results and what makes me and my team money!

If you are in a position that you want to make some extra money, maybe a couple hundred a month, maybe a couple thousand….it’s really up to you.

Are you willing to listen to me?

Are you willing to take a chance on yourself and show everyone that you can do this?

Click on the banner below so you can see the exact way I do it, you got to put in a valid email or I cannot help you!

See you on the other side!

What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money?

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What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money?

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What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money?

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Sigrid McNab says:

Robert, these are definitely some interesting ways to make money. Love your picture-not sure I’d want to sell my hair :) Seriously though, I have found that providing solutions for someone’s problem seems to be the quickest way. Thanks for the tip about
Sigrid McNab recently posted..How To Write A Blog Post In 10 MinutesMy Profile

Hi Sigrid,

Yeah I figured I would share a few ways that many people do not really even consider….you are so right though, providing solutions are a great way. BTW you are welcome on the, it is a site that many do not know about!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I always appreciate it!
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Matt says:

Sigrid – I appreciate your comment too. One of my main strategies over several businesses now has been to GIVE away my product/service, solving the problem of the customer. Surprise, they then have OTHER needs down the pike, and guess who they come to and trust?

Hey Matt,

You are very right in offering something small and free to people to try to help them, I offer my eBook to people on this site, it is like a introductory into marketing, and then when they need more help, they reach out to me!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Always appreciate it!
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