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7 Ways On How To Earn Money Fast Without Doing Anything Illegal

by robert strong


Believe it or not, there are many ways on how to earn money fast without breaking the law or selling your soul. Just be creative, resourceful, ingenious, and think out-of-the-box and you can earn $25 to $100 a day. It might even be fun, too.

A lot of people are beginning to contemplate the ways and means on how to make money online because single-source incomes are becoming a thing of the past. Living costs are spiraling, job security is no longer a certainty, and the necessity of a nest egg is becoming important. Extra cash in our wallet at any given day can also see us through emergencies or surprise expenses.

Thinking of how to earn money fast? Check through your assets – that means the things you can sell, whether it’s your property (no matter how modest) or your skills (and they don’t have to be all that complicated).

Selling Stuff Is One Way On How To Earn Money Fast

7 Ways On How To Earn Money Fast Without Doing Anything IllegalDo a garage or a yard sale – but do it properly. Find all the items that you have no more use for, but are in good condition and display them in a significant part in real estate like your garage. Your old but still comfy hammock, the children’s books that your now teenage kids have outgrown, baseballs and basketballs, cooking equipment – price them at a reasonable rate and chances are, you will find someone who will want to buy your stuff rather than the more expensive ones at the department store.

You can do the same sale, but this time online.

It’s a great way to earn cash fast.

Sites like and Craigslist can promote those same items but this time to a bigger audience which gives you more ways on how to earn quick cash. Nor do you have to put up a physical garage or venue for the sale.  Just leave them posted online – and your buyers will just send you an email if they are interested.

In thinking of ways to earn a lot of money, you can also sell some of those items that none of your prospective customers bought to recycling factories.  Items built of steel or iron are in demand in certain plants.  They may only pay you a pittance, but at least it’s still money for items that you would have just thrown away and its a way to make cash quick.

While you’re on your way to the recycling plant, look at your community to see if there are other ways how to earn money fast.

No task should be too small or demeaning.

  • Does someone need to have his lawn cut?
  • Does your elderly neighbor need to have his wall painted?
  • Does that lovely family around the corner need a babysitter?
  • By the way, babysitting can earn you $15 an hour – and if you love kids, you just might be in for an enjoyable night.

How To Earn Money Fast – Fill A Need

One way how to earn money fast – and more than $100 a day – is unglamorous and not sought after by many freelancers and would-be part-time workers. Check which of your neighbors want their dog poop picked up and cleaned. Get 20 customers and you will be making more than $100 during the day. The good news is there’s not much competition in this area. You can easily corner the market.

Do you play an instrument well?

7 Ways On How To Earn Money Fast Without Doing Anything IllegalThat’s another way how to earn money fast. If your skills in playing piano or the guitar earn you resounding applause in family parties and get-togethers, find a restaurant or bar that is looking for someone with your talent who can play during the evenings.

Another way how to earn money fast is to be a mystery shopper. That means contracting yourself to a department store, a retail company, or a survey firm as a ‘shopping secret agent.’  You go around the different stores and malls checking out the stuff that they and their competition sell. You evaluate what you as a consumer would buy – and what the other shoppers are actually buying. Companies pay for this kind of research because it is inexpensive and yet makes for valuable research. This is a great way that people answer the question of how to make cash quick.

You can also do the same thing online – sign up with reputable survey firms and answer their questionnaires. That’s another way to make quick cash. You reply to their polls, quizzes, and survey forms on which brands you find appealing and why. Some diligent respondents can make $50 a day doing this.

Be smart, resourceful, and observant of the neighborhood around you and what they need – it’s how to earn money fast.

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7 Ways On How To Earn Money Fast Without Doing Anything Illegal

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7 Ways On How To Earn Money Fast Without Doing Anything Illegal

robert strong

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I was a once over worked under paid and definitively under appreciated retail manager that had enough of the corporate rat race. I found a creative solution to work less, make more money and live the life that i wanted to live and not what others wanted me to. click here right now to see the simple little system that I'm using that can help you make more money in any business you are in right now!
Amylia Chiew says:

Hi Robert,
this is so true. In today’s economy and financial outlook, it can be tough with just one source of income. We need to start looking at earning money from multiple sources and there are definitely many ways of doing it, especially online!
great post :)

Hi Amylia,

Thank you for the nice comment, there are so many different ways…. if people would just get serious, turn off the T.V. and be willing to help others!
robert strong recently posted..How To Get Free MoneyMy Profile

Hey Amylia,

Seems your comment went to the Spam folder…sorry it took me awhile to filter through and find it! I want to first say thank you for stopping by and commenting…I greatly appreciate it! Having only one source of income can be a way that can lead to financial ruin….Having more ways to get income is so much smarter!

Have a great day and look forward to hearing from you again!
robert strong recently posted..How To Get Free MoneyMy Profile

Vivek Jain says:

Hello sir,
Nice to see your comedy look in the sense of age revolution!
Definitely it happens to all, but who cares about this while talking about video games.
Specially children become crazy about video games.
So why don’t we become as well for making the life happy to happiest?? :)
Vivek Jain recently posted..Make money with translation: 5 Best Online translation Jobs and WebsitesMy Profile

Vivek Jain says:

Hello Robert sir,
Nice to see that you were good in video games earlier! :)
By reading your classic contents, I think that you may try again for playing with such a great skills that you have got.
You will surely get success here also as I feel.
Thanks..! :)
Vivek Jain recently posted..Why I Love Google Adsense for YoutubeMy Profile

Hi Vivek,

Yeah I was, I was ok, but it consumed so much of my time, and as I got older my reflexes slowed a bit, but oh well it happens to all of us.
robert strong recently posted..5 Ways To Earn Extra Money From HomeMy Profile

Vivek Jain says:

Selling stuff online is an incredible way in terms of online money making ways. You have explained this way in appropriate proper manner and with a nice explanation also. Earning money by playing games online is also one of the popular way of getting fast money at this time. Thanks again for your vital information!
Vivek Jain recently posted..Now You can easily Make Money by Uploading Files Online. Isn’t it Interesting??My Profile

Hey Vivek,

You are so right, I have seen quite a few people that have made a great deal of money online by playing video games, I was good but never that good!

Thanks for sharing!
robert strong recently posted..Simple And Quick Money Making IdeasMy Profile

I am also fond of selling some stuffs online. I get to earn while cleaning the extra things that is consuming my space at home.

javed ali says:

Every one want money,but they have no idea how to earn money online or they are aware of this type of actives
Now if you want to learn to earn your lost money back which you spend on net.then go ahead and start earning from your social media,Facebook,online gaming,etc
There are some best way to earn money form these site.
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