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MLM Ideas That Make You Money

by robert strong

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There are many different MLM ideas that I could cover on this post, and the post would go for hours and hours. For the sake of my time and yours, I am only going to share a few and one of them that I use, but before we get into that let’s cover a few things. There are acres of websites dedicated to giving social promoters tons of fresh ideas.

Problem is are any of these supposed “great MLM ideas” actually worth the time and money you’re going to need to put them into action? Has anyone actually been successful using them? And will they bring you any extra money?

During the last few years years, I have dedicated almost all of my time and effort into building a moneymaking network marketing business.

Today my wife and I rank in the top twenty income earners in our company with a bunch of over eleven thousand active distributors around the planet. And, truthfully, it was not any “MLM ideas” that got us there.

Systems Help MLM Ideas

It was actually the discovery of proven systems and one or two critical distinctions that made all of the difference.

But simply for the sake of this article, let’s call these good systems “MLM ideas”.

MLM Ideas That Make You MoneyThe Most Crucial MLM Concept is to Believe in Yourself

The most critical part of expanding your business is to really believe, way down, that you can do it.

Not only that you can do it, but that the company and produce you represent has the potential to get you where you need to go too.

A way to build belief in the biz is to read and consume all that you can about the network marketing industry in general. Discover the history and read mlm success stories.

The take a look at your company in particular. Is there anyone in your current company making the sort of cash you want to make?

If this is so then you have no reason not to believe strongly in your company.

Believe that you can do anything you would like to do. I’m serious about this. Spend some time meditating and talking to yourself and asking if this is what you want to do. You can forget all those bright MLM ideas. If you screwed up in the past, do yourself a favor and wipe the slate clean, whether or not you made bad choices, fail with other firms and given up sometimes.

Whatever you have to do you are the engine that drives your business trust in yourself!

MLM Ideas for Massive Lead Generation

5% of the people in the social marketing industry are making substantial incomes. They are doing this not because they were fortunate and found 1 or 2 “secret MLM ideas” that work for them, what they understood basically was “working from home” actually does mean working. I am dead serious about that.

The sole way you are going to enjoy financial freedom and eventually be well placed to relax is and enjoy your wealth is by finding a way to approach at least 6 people or even more every day to introduce to your products and chance to.

Sponsoring and hiring is where all the extremely big cash is made in MLM. Period.

End of conversation.

So your goal is to spend most of your time and effort setting up a full-blown, unstoppable MLM lead generation system – and work that system regularly over an extended period of time.

Then teach your new team to do the same exact thing.

MLM ideas are very good, but MLM leads are what will make you rich.

Will MLM Ideas help me Promote Online?

Attraction promoting is the name of the game nowadays, and it’s one of the swiftest and most efficient methods of generating leads. This is the sole MLM “idea” that we really endorse, and you will find out about it here.

MLM Ideas That Make You MoneyRobert Strong

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MLM Ideas That Make You Money

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MLM Ideas That Make You Money

robert strong

Internet Marketing Ninja at
I was a once over worked under paid and definitively under appreciated retail manager that had enough of the corporate rat race. I found a creative solution to work less, make more money and live the life that i wanted to live and not what others wanted me to. click here right now to see the simple little system that I'm using that can help you make more money in any business you are in right now!
Jon Patrick says:

Another great post. Success in MLM comes down to a couple of things. Mindset and Action. Getting the right mindset, taking the right actions leads to the Leads and Growth.
But it’s an ever growing need to continue learning – each door walked through (new skill) leads to 5 more to tackle!
Jon Patrick recently posted..My Fun LIFE!My Profile

Brent says:

What’s Possible with a Vemma Business?

Unlimited possibilities! We don’t place any barriers ahead of you; we let you determine your own success. Achieve goals like obtaining financial freedom, receiving rewards and recognition, having more time for the things and people who matter the most, enjoying flexible schedules, and taking the opportunity to be your own boss and define how much or little you want to make. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Since our start in 2004, the Vemma mission has remained strong — making a positive difference starts with people helping people.

No matter your experience or your education, our rewarding business model takes a simple, more social approach. When you share the product, share the business and help others do the same, we reward you directly just by leveraging your social network.

You’ve heard about the crazy energy going on at Verve Central in Tempe, AZ. Now you can bring that excitement to your home events anywhere in the world! Listen to the top #YPR leaders as they share with your prospects exactly what this Vemma opportunity can do for them.
Brent recently posted..What’s Possible with a Vemma Business?My Profile

Hey Brent,

Thanks for the update man…..Vemma is an option for many people, and offers some great products and services for people. What would you give as advice to someone new coming to look at Vemma and join?
robert strong recently posted..7 Ways On How To Earn Money Fast Without Doing Anything IllegalMy Profile

Great post Robert. Leads will make you rich. That is spot on. The folks who can generate leads whenever they want will build a huge and profitable business. The days on making a list of everyone you know are long gone. Thanks for sharing.

Robert Strong says:

Hi Chuck,

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. One of the things that we all need to remember that is, every lead is a real person, they have struggles, dreams, passions and want to be successful. We need to treat them as so. To your success!
Robert Strong recently posted..Why MLM Can Be BeneficialMy Profile

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