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What Are The Top 10 MLM Companies

by robert strong


If  you have always wanted to join a multi-level marketing company, then chances are you would have wanted to find out what the top 10 MLM companies are. It makes sense to figure out who the top performers are. In possibly joining them, you increase your chances of chances, as you would become a member of an MLM company that has already proven itself and, yes, is earning the big bucks that you want to enjoy. I would also look at what people have to say when you type in top 10 MLM scams, but take these with a grain of salt because most are just upset reps that had the lottery mentality and did not follow the system provided to them.

A quick online search would yield consistent results of the top 10 MLM companies in the world (or in your home country). Top MLM rankings may shift and vary over the years, but these giants remain in that bracket continually. At the very least they would slide to rankings 11-20, but they would never drop out of the race.

The Qualities Of The Top 10 MLM Companies

What Are The Top 10 MLM CompaniesHere at a glance are the top 10 MLMs of all time:  Avon, Herbalife International, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Pampered Chef, Thirty One, Advocare International, Amway, Melaleuca, Scentsy and Tupperware.

The most immediate things that you will notice is that a majority of these top 10 MLM companies are that they deal in health and wellness products. Herbalife International, for example, has acarved a niche as far as weight loss is concerned. Cosmetics, skin care, and anything else that has got to do with the art of looking good are another favorite. That women want to be at their best – and  show their friends how – is the reason why Avon, Amway, and Mary Kay Cosmetics have ruled the charts for decades.  Then there are the more practical products like Tupperware.

What distinguishes these top 10 MLM companies from the rest of the other performers? First, you have to take a look at its history. Many of them have been around for decades, for an average of ten to thirty years. They have withstood controversy, accusations of scams, complaints from disgruntled customers, and everything else that anyone can throw at them. They did not just endure – they survived and continue to thrive.

The Top 10 MLM Companies Have A Superior Product

Next, these top 10 network marketing companies have bona fide products that people actually want to use. Forget the hype and the enthusiastic recruiters. It does not matter if you have entire battalions of them shouting the praises of your products from the housetops – if the product is not good or effective, then it is not going to be sell. All it takes is one reprimand from a government authority like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or an actual news report that a product has detrimental results on the human body, and the campaign is over.  That MLM company will sink faster than an anchor thrown out at sea. I find that many people will search for top 10 nutritional MLM companies as well, as the health and wellness niche is a multi billion dollar niche every single year.

All these top 10 MLM companies mentioned above have good products that have benefited thousands of customers over the years, many of them happy and satisfied enough to give testimonials that help in building the business.

What Are The Top 10 MLM CompaniesThat’s the fourth attribute of these top ten MLM companies: a sound business plan. MLM companies succeed because they make money and share the wealth with their members. One frequent complaint against MLM companies is that it’s only the top performers at the higher levels of the pyramid who bring in the big bucks while the newer younger recruits are left to fend for themselves. If that were true of any other MLM company, that MLM company would not survive. Why? Because its newer members would be leaving it in droves, leaving no one else to do the recruitment that would bring in more members and bigger business through greater sales.

Having The Right Business Plan

Check the revenues and the business plan of these top 10 MLM companies. Chances you will see some kind of structure like a binary plan or a unitary plan. Or they focus on distribution and retail sales. Regardless, their members earn regular commissions and remain enthusiastic enough to bring in other members who will follow suit.

The next attribute of these top 10 MLM companies are that they enjoy a huge online presence. Gone are the days when MLM companies would rely on the traditional word of mouth.  People go online to search for information about the MLM companies that they would consider joining – which you are doing now. These top 10 MLM companies consistently enjoy heavy traffic on their sites and their blogs and social media sites receive frequent interaction from members and potential recruits. As we move more into 2013, I am hearing more and more people looking away from 2012 and looking for new MLM companies 2013 and they are finding really cool opportunities like:

What Are The Top 10 MLM Companies

Longevity, a superior product, a sound business plan, and strong internet presence – these are the qualities that make up the top 10 MLM companies.


What Are The Top 10 MLM Companies

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What Are The Top 10 MLM Companies

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Hey Robert, I was a bit surprised to see that Monaview didn’t make the list being the fastest ever company to $1 billion and all… though they haven’t been along as some of the other ones you listed I guess.
Marketer Matt recently posted..Asking the Right Questions Means Getting The Right AnswersMy Profile

Hi Marketer Matt,

lol…..your name always makes me laugh…. I was also surprised to not see Monavie on the list as well, but it wasn’t. They make a great product, their training is pretty good, but for some reason they did not make the cut.
robert strong recently posted..The Best Multi Level Marketing Companies My Profile

Bryan Floro says:

Great article Robert. You know home based business is huge right now when you go to an arts and crafts show, like I did yesterday, and you see 3 of the 10 companies you mention here with booths set up. Keep up the good work

Bryan Floro
Bryan Floro recently posted..So Just What Are Backlinks?My Profile

Hi Bryan,
I know, going to a arts and crafts show can really open your eyes up to some really great ideas, not only to products but actually how they market them!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
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