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The Wonder and The Business That Is Ludaxx

by robert strong


Ludaxx has a very colorful history that distinguishes it from others in the industry. It was founded in Utah IN 2010 by Chinese-American Jimmy Lu who operates the business now with his two sons Andrew and Daniel. That the business took off only after three years is testament to the product’s superlative products as well as to the company’s marketing and promotion efforts.

That’s why a lot of people are watching Ludaxx right now. Many MLM companies soar during the first three years only to crash and burn. But this company has a more solid foundation than most because of the background and story of its founder.

The Ludaxx Founder:  From Rags to Riches

Many MLM companies talk about the success stories of their leaders and their rise from rags to riches. But none fits this bill more than Jimmy Lu, the founder. Lu is a native Chinese who was only an adolescent in mainland China when Mao Zedong took power and started the cultural revolution. Many of us Americans cannot even begin to comprehend what ‘cultural revolution’ means. The history books describe it as the re-education of millions of young people who had to be stripped of their anti-Communist values and ideas and literally had to be inculcated in the teachings of Mao Zedong.  Imagine your teenage kids being ripped away from your homes and sent to farms where they had to undergo a severe disciplinarian kind of education. If I were not trying to be politically incorrect, I would call it brainwashing.

The Wonder and The Business That Is Ludaxx

That was what happened to Jimmy Lu, his dream started in the crucible of hardship. Jimmy was an ‘intellectual adolescent’ who for several years became a ‘barefoot doctor’ in Communist China. He lived in a farm, did his own chores, distributed food to the peasants, worked in ditches, learned how to plant, and with very meager resources, saw to it that the people in his area kept good hygiene and lived in safe, sanitary situations. It was a crash course in reality.

But it was the furnace that gave birth to Ludaxx. Alone in that farm, left with his resources and resilience, Jimmy learned the properties of herbs. He mixed the ancient secrets of Oriental medicine with the scientific ways that the government was introducing. He saw and combated sickness first-hand. And the young Jimmy took a lot of notes for the cures that he would introduce in a few years’ time.

What We Now Know As Ludaxx

He also experimented with herbs and used them to heal the illnesses of the villagers and their families. The success of his first forays into medicine convinced Jimmy that he was on the right track.

Flash-forward to the present, and Jimmy Lu the adult is now in the United States. Although he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Utah, he never forgot his experiences as a barefoot doctor in his homeland. The concept would soon become Ludaxx LLC the company.

The Wonder and The Business That Is LudaxxThe company that Jimmy founded has three main products. Its most famous is sugar-blocker F21 which inhibits your body from receiving the full elements of the sweet substance, thereby reducing your chances of contracting diabetes. F21 sugar blocker also increases the strength of your immune system. KonLi Tea traces its inspirations to Lu’s re-education in the farms in China; it is a drink concocted through 12 herbs and is designed to rid your body of dangerous toxins.  Another powerful anti-oxidant is Pearl, the last of the line. This is brought up frequently when people are asking “what are natural sugar blockers”.

It has been said by those close to him that Jimmy put up Ludaxx for two reasons. First is obviously he wanted to help people become healthy and happy.  Another is the business aspect.  Jimmy understood poverty and hardship first hand, and like the villagers he helped in mainland China years ago, he was eager to have them live a better life.

Is Ludaxx A Scam

Ludaxx the product is being marketed by Ludaxx the MLM company.  That means that if you can put up your own small enterprise by promoting Ludaxx products and encouraging others to do the same.  The commission schemes are simple but profitable.  If someone joins your team, you earn a commission.  You also earn a commission if your team members buy a product or several of them. You continue to earn commissions if you and your members sell Ludaxx MLM products directly or through retail.

Ludaxx has been rightly called a wunderkind in the MLM industry; it is also recognized as a profitable moneymaking venture.

As you can see this opportunity seems like a great one, and honestly I think it is…..

Is it right for everyone though?

No, not at all…..

It is not right for me and right below, you will see why!

The Wonder and The Business That Is Ludaxx
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The Wonder and The Business That Is Ludaxx

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The Wonder and The Business That Is Ludaxx

robert strong

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Kevin Creery says:

Nice post. I might have to check this company out. Anyway to make money online is a good way but seeing which companies are the most profitable is better for your business.
Kevin Creery recently posted..This Is My Court.My Profile

Hey Kevin,

It is one of those companies that many people have not heard of, but has a lot going for it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, always appreciated.
robert strong recently posted..Earn While Creating The Life You Want With Lifepath UnlimitedMy Profile

Drew Iaconis says:

I have not heard of this company before. Seems to be a decent company with some pretty solid products if they truly work. Only thing is how many vitamin and medicine mlm’s are there? Empower Network is so much more unique than the traditional MLM. We learn a skillset and can earn some solid commission while we do so. Great post Robert! Appreciate the information here.
Drew Iaconis recently posted..HOW TO ELICIT SOMEONE’S STRATEGYMy Profile

Hi Drew,

Not many people have, I have a few secret websites that I go to and see more about upcoming MLM companies and ones that are a little under the radar, which allows me to rank for them much easier. I totally agree with you, it seems like there are so many vitamin MLM’s that you cannot even remember them all, let alone pronounce some of their names.

I am like you, this is why I joined Empower Network, I have been very successful with it and my team has as well, and since I really enjoy blogging and ranking one page one of Google for specific search terms, it was a fit like no other!

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting, always great to have you here!
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