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Does Herbalife Work As A Weight Loss Program?

by robert strong


Does Herbalife work as a weight loss program?’ is one question that is being circling around in the internet for some time. The company and its products are famous, and the claims are dramatic. Herbalife’s representatives and some of its more enthusiastic consumers say that the weight loss can amount to25 to 45 pounds in a month!

But what if you are wanting to lose more, or just a little, does Herbalife really work for everyone and anyone?

But because these claims do sound grandiose, many have also voiced out the concern that perhaps Herbalife is a scam. They are also vocal in asking, ‘Does the Herbalife diet work’ – as  a weight loss program, a health product, a bonafide wellness company, all at the same time?

Does Herbalife Work By Using Their Products

Does Herbalife Work As A Weight Loss Program?To answer the question ‘Does Herbalife work’, especially concerning weight loss, we have to look at its products. Herbalife’s products consist mainly of shakes, vitamin supplements, and healthy snacks.  You can incorporate these food stuffs into your diet – or follow the Herbalife program which substitutes one Herbalife customized meal and two shakes for the regular three meals a day.  Another suggested Herbalife program recommends drinking shakes in-between meals.

To dig deeper into the question ‘how well does Herbalife work?’, we have to look at the contents of these meals.

Herbalife’s products are mainly made of protein.

The principle behind this is that protein gives you the energy you need, builds your muscles, and at the same time, it satiates your hunger and reduces your need to take in fats and sugar, which are the ones primarily for weight gain. I have even overheard conversations out while at dinner about people debating on the question of do Herbalife shakes work or are they just one way that they can make money on a daily basis from you?

All these protein intakes are designed to bring about weight loss – and are the answer to the question, ‘how well does Herbalife work?’ As stated above, the company is not lacking in happy campers who provide a lot of enthusiastic, real testimonials. Many of them are physically challenged people who had to struggle with obesity for years. Others had found their being overweight a hindrance to their health, work-life and personal lives.

They found a solution to their problems in Herbalife.

With Proper Diligence And Discipline Does Herbalife Work

Let’s take a brief look at the company.

Herbalife is a health and wellness network marketing company that has enjoyed remarkable success the past 20 years. It has thousands of distributors working actively, promoting the business opportunity and a healthy lifestyle, in 76 countries. It can point to successful businessmen who have made a lot of money off their products. Their sales pitches are usually complemented by posters, flyers, and illustrations showing men and women who had substantially lost a lot of weight  through their programs. Ask ‘Does Herbalife work?’ – and these pictures compare an obese gentleman huffing and puffing through a gym program years ago to his current photo which has him trim and fit and many pounds lighter.

Does Herbalife Work As A Weight Loss Program?

‘Does Herbalife work?’ does sound like a no-brainer now?

However, regardless of its track record and clinical accuracy, the Herbalife program can work only if it is applied with diligence and regularity.  It is the same program that applies to one’s success working out in a gym.

You work out consistently for three months and you lose 15 pounds.

Slack off the fourth month, and the fat starts returning.

Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself gaining back those 15 pounds. Postpone returning to the gym for another month, and you’ll find yourself 10 pounds overweight.

The same is true for the Herbalife program – and should be considered in answering the question ‘Does Herbalife work?’ Live up to the program consistently – and you will lose a lot of weight. Maintain your protein diet and resist giving in to the need to consume sugar and fats, and you will see this weight loss dramatically reflected in your size and physical stature.

Does Herbalife Work As A Weight Loss Program?You just might find yourself buying new clothes to fit your size.

That does make the Herbalife program a lifestyle habit – but then again so is the gym. No miracle drug will remove your unwanted fats one time – and guard against their return forever. You do have to be diligent in maintaining your victory. Now this is where many people have been deterred – and led to the question ‘Does Herbalife work?’ The Herbalife program costs $100 every month, which admittedly many people find too costly to maintain.

But health and weight loss are not achieved overnight, and there is a certain price to be paid.  There is the money component to be considered, plus discipline and a choice to remain healthy and fit. That ultimately determines the answer to the question ‘Does Herbalife work long-term or is it just a gimmick?’

Now that you have a little information on whether Herbalife is a scam, I hope I answered your questions in this Herbalife review for weight loss.

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Does Herbalife Work As A Weight Loss Program?

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Does Herbalife Work As A Weight Loss Program?

robert strong

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Very Informative post and great topic. Thanks for sharing

I have some friends who uses this product. Overall, I think it depend on how individual take it. Some doesn’t lose weight, but some does. The best way is to exercise and eat healthy food.
James Patterson recently posted..Comment on Cellulite Reduction Treatment: Go Natural or Go for Science? by Easy Habits For A Healthy Skin | Vitamins For Cellulite Free SkinMy Profile

Tariqul says:

There are so many ways to reduce weight but all of them not work for any age people and others are full in scam. But Herbalife is a way where people reduce their weight in any age as well as without any sight effect. But they have to know the real way to reduce weight using Harbalife and in this case people like you are an example for others. Thanks for your helpful article about Herbalife.
Tariqul recently posted..How I Stumbled Upon the Secret That Helps Me Stay SkinnyMy Profile

Hey Tariqul,

You are so welcome for my article on Herbalife, it was a great way for so many people to hear more about what they offer! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate it!


robert strong recently posted..How To Make Money At Home OnlineMy Profile

Apu says:

herbalife is the best nutrition for us…thanks for this amazing post Robert :)
Apu recently posted..Who Me – I Don’t Need ProteinMy Profile

Ashley brown says:

Herbalife is a health and weight loss plan that uses vitamin and protein based meal replacement shakes. Many users claim huge success, while others throw around terms like “scam.” I believe herbalife is the best nutrition for our body cells, at very low calories.

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for stopping by and commenting, and yes I agree, that Herbalife is a weight loss plan that uses shakes that have the right vitamins and protein in them. I do not think that Herbalife is a scam, but I think that there are two sides to the Herbalife empire as with any MLM company. You have the product side and you have the opportunity side, which sometimes people can run both in parallel while others cannot.

I feel that people that feel that a MLM is a scam, for most instances they did not do what was required to generate the results that they so desired. But then again it is no different than anything in life.

Again thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
robert strong recently posted..Creative Business Ideas To ConsiderMy Profile

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