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Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed Finally

by robert strong


If you have hit a wall in your network marketing efforts, and are beginning to think the worst, that you have done everything you can do but will never make your numbers, don’t give up but give Elite Marketing Pro a shot. Elite Marketing Pro is an online software tool designed for network marketers like yourself.  It will not just give you hope, but it will fulfill that hope by delivering on the results.

Elite Marketing Pro was created by Mike Dillard and Tim Erway.

If their names are familiar to you, they should be because these are legends in the network marketing industry. They created the Magnetic Sponsoring tool which has helped revolutionize the way network marketers had gotten leads and kept them. Dillard and Erway are also known as the gurus of Attraction Marketing – or getting your clients to come after you, instead of chasing them.

Elite Marketing Pro:  A Tool For Champions

Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed FinallyTheir tools have become huge successes in the industry, and those who have followed them have made a lot of money while building solid network marketing structures that keep the revenues coming in.

You can do Magnetic Sponsoring and Attraction Marketing – if you have not yet done so – and expect a drastic positive change in the way that you do your network marketing business.

But don’t stop there, actually to be blunt…. Don’t you dare stop there if you want off the charts results!

Try Elite Marketing Pro and you will find that your long-term success is all but guaranteed.

Let it be known, though, that you still have to work.

Yep, you heard me, you still have to work, this is not a magic pill, funny fairy dust or even physic powers that takes care of all your problems….

Elite Marketing Pro is a tool – it’s not a miracle-worker. It is an effective tool, (ah what am I saying, it is a highly effective almost laser focused tool) which means that it brings results and enhances your work in a way that will get you your numbers and create multiple streams of income. But it means that you do have to do your fair share of working, using the Elite Marketing Pro.

Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed FinallyIt is a tool, let me repeat – it is not a magic lamp (there is no Genie inside, well unless you want to consider what they have done as in fulfilling a wish for a tool that works) that will take all your troubles away.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s see what Elite Marketing Pro is all about. Clear out the technical jargon and see how it can make things work for you.

Elite Marketing Pro is a six-part online course that will teach and guide you on how to create the best possible results from your network marketing efforts. You do have to take time to read or listen to each one and apply them to your work in order to succeed. The things that you will learn will require a paradigm shift. But once you have gotten the hang of it and start applying these principles, you can expect positive results.

What Elite Marketing Pro Can Do For You

Let’s get to the even concrete results promised by Elite Marketing Pro.

  • First, you get 100 percent commissions on the Magnetic Sponsoring products that you make.
  • Second, you will learn to develop not just one, but multiple streams of income.
  • Third, you can build your own brand which should go a long way in promoting your network marketing efforts.
  • Fourth, Elite Marketing Pro helps close the deals for you.  Yes, you heard that right.  Elite Marketing Pro helps close the deals for you.

Now let’s go to the modules.

Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed Finally

Dillard and Erway wanted to set the record straight as far as network marketing is concerned. They designed Elite Marketing Pro to correct some of the mistakes made by many so-called network marketing gurus but who are actually spurious scammers. They wanted to refine and reshape the thinking of many honest hardworking network marketers who have gotten offtrack. They also wanted to correct many basic bad habits that have indirectly hindered or sabotaged the work of these network marketers.

You got it:  Elite Marketing Pro is not just a learning course.

It may help you unlearn some of the tricks and techniques that you think are valuable but are not.

The Modules of Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed FinallyModule 1 begins at the Start. It tells you how to start with the right approach, the basic premises that you must believe in and use if you are to succeed in the network marketing business. It also tells you the things that you must not believe or otherwise find your work derailed.

Module 2 then tells you how to create your own story. This is the unique part of this tool. It’s not just a matter of selling your product and pitching it, but creating your story and making your reader/listener be a part of it. More important, you make your prospective customer want to participate in your story.

Module 3 is all about Links and how to use Web site links to attract users to your site. It starts off with just one topic – but one that you are passionate about and tells you how to build your Links using that topic.

Module 4 teaches you how to bring traffic to your Web site.  It particularly hones in on social media and crafting the right strategies that will make your users, Friends and Followers want to read your Web site, stay there, interact with you – and one day, buy your product.

In Module 5 you learn how to build your own Auto-responder and thereby reduce time and energy  and yet get the best results in getting leads.

In Module 6 of Elite Marketing Pro, you will learn how to build from scratch Capture Pages that will keep your users and community members involved in your Web site.


Elite Marketing Pro basically teaches you how to be a marketing guru from day one to finish.  It will answer your questions, give you the confidence you need to win, and at the same time guide you into mastering the intricacies of the Net for your marketing purposes.

Elite Marketing Pro is not an easy fix.

Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed FinallyBut it can multiply your marketing efforts to increase your positive results.  The six-module course has been designed to be user-friendly and is actually fun to do once you get started.

And you should start on it.

If you want to win big in the network marketing business, Elite Marketing Pro is the way to do it.

If you noticed on Google I shared with you about some special bonuses, and I keep my promises, if you decide to test the Elite Marketing Pro by clicking on the link below, I will :

  1. Personally set up some marketing for you, so you can start earning money within the first 10 day trial
  2. I will give you 2 (1) hour one on one coaching call to help you get up and running quickly
  3. I will provide you with my secret marketing videos that allows me to generate tons of leads and sign ups within your first 10 days
  4. I will also reveal my techniques where I show you how I go and get 9 cent leads and EXACTLY how I am doing it and how you can copy me as well

This offer will not last long…..



Before My Bonuses Are GONE!

P.S. The first 5 people that get the bonuses will be given a special bonus that will bring a huge smile to your face!

Email me your name and email and I will validate and get you up and running the same day!

Let’s make some money together!

Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed Finally

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Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed Finally

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Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed Finally

robert strong

Internet Marketing Ninja at
I was a once over worked under paid and definitively under appreciated retail manager that had enough of the corporate rat race. I found a creative solution to work less, make more money and live the life that i wanted to live and not what others wanted me to. click here right now to see the simple little system that I'm using that can help you make more money in any business you are in right now!
Brian Couch says:

Thanks for putting so much effort into this post Robert!

Hey Brian,

Thanks for stopping by, I am glad that you liked the post! I have had some good success with it, and so have so many others!

robert strong recently posted..Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days My Profile

Amylia Chiew says:

This is a really good review on Elite Marketing Pro. You gave a detailed insight on what it is and what it can do for network marketers out there. It’s great that you even gave out some details of what the Modules are so they know what they’re in for. I totally agree with what you mention, that there is no “genie in the lamp” when it comes to making things happen. People who buys products always expect things to happen magically and start generating income. Everything takes a lot of effort and hard work, and putting the trainings into practice.
Great stuff, Robert!

Good evening Amylia,

I knew that adding a brief description about the modules would help some people kind of get an idea on what going through Elite Marketing Pro would entail. I do have to admit though, as mentioned before, it is a newer program, so they are adding stuff to it all the time….

When I stated, well more than once, that people would still need to work, I wanted to make sure that they were not thinking that they can get into this and it will fix all their money problems… I would rather be hard and be border line talking them out of getting into Elite Marketing Pro, then them try to say I tricked them into something…

I am glad that you liked the post, and this is a great program under the Magnetic Sponsoring umbrella….and many more modules and tools coming down the pipeline soon…

As always thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment,
robert strong recently posted..Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days My Profile

Steve Krivda says:

This is a phenomenal system put out by a juggernaut.
Steve Krivda recently posted..Mindset Training – Why Aren’t You Going BigMy Profile

Jay says:

Great job Robert on breaking this product down. It is very detailed and simple even for a beginner to understand. The bonuses that you are giving away are steals. It is an awesome program. Great review my man.
Jay recently posted..Some Blog Tips On How To Create Killer Blog ContentMy Profile

Hey Jay,

Glad you stopped by again buddy! I wanted this review to really be simple for anyone to follow since this is still somewhat of a new program, although it is under the Magnetic Sponsoring umbrella…..

The bonuses that I am giving away are pretty powerful, and if someone signs up before the 31st, I am going to give them a bonus to boost their sales quickly…. I will guarantee leads for their funnel of choice, whether it be:
Magnetic Sponsoring
Elite Marketing Pro
Pro Blog Academy
Black Belt Recruiting
The Ultimate Sales Funnel
or…..ready for this?
Their pick of their own…..could be Amway, Herbalife, Empower Network, Organo Gold or whatever….

It’s rare that people will guarantee leads…well I will, to help the new guy or girl get started….

Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by,
robert strong recently posted..Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days My Profile

sheena says:

great review on elite marketing pro
thanks for sharing

Hi Sheena,

Thank you, I am glad that you liked it! Do you think there was a specific part of Elite Marketing Pro that resonated with you more than the others?
robert strong recently posted..Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days My Profile

Lynda Kenny says:

A very comprehensive account of an excellent system. I am an Elite member myself and I can highly recommend it to Roberts readers and fans.
Thanks for sharing Robert.

Good morning Lynda,

It was great to see you stop by and leave your thoughts, I am glad that you are in our mastermind within the Elite Marketing Pro group, you bring a ton of value to the group! What would you say that your favorite part of EMP (Elite Marketing Pro) is?

robert strong recently posted..Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days My Profile

Jeff McGeary says:

Rob, EMP is a great program. Although I do not own it myself, I have heard great feedback and your blog review simply confirms them!

You really go in depth on this one bro, but then again…it’s always top notch from you!

Jeff McGeary recently posted..MLM Tips: Build A Team CultureMy Profile

Good morning Jeff,

It is a great program, it is all under the Magnetic Sponsoring umbrella, and once you become Elite you get access to all the training material, some material you cannot get access any other way…some of them are not even for sell….

What Tim Erway and the team is doing for the members is actually pretty amazing!

I knew that with this program being still somewhat new, I needed to go a little deeper ( but not to deep to lose people) to really expose what is going on behind the curtain!

As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts on my blog, I do appreciate you!
robert strong recently posted..Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days My Profile

Mike Marryat says:

Great in-depth review on Elite Marketing Pro! Looking good on stage too bro!! I really like it how you broke this post down and let people know YOU have to do the work…it’s not going to get done for you!

Hey Mike,

I am glad you liked this post on Elite Marketing Pro, it has been a huge feather in my cap, and many others, but like I said and you mentioned, it is not a magic pill, and not a cure all…you still have to put in the work….

You like the picture of me on stage?

That was me sharing a stage with Ray Higdon at is Top Earners Academy…this last June in Florida! It was a great time, and if you ever get a chance to go to his event, I would definitely go, it was a great event!

robert strong recently posted..Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days My Profile

I was in it but I already own all of Magnetic Sponsoring Product my being an Elite Affiliate. Thanks for sharing. Anita
Anita Levesque recently posted..Are You Using Twitter Effectively?My Profile

Hi Anita,
I love being in Elite Marketing Pro, there is a great deal of value and I think one of the best things is being given the What’s Working Now access, so it’s like getting a peak behind the curtain, and not dealing with strategies that everyone else is doing and struggling with!

What is your favorite product under the MS umbrella?
robert strong recently posted..Building On A Budget – A Quick Review To Boost A Business Within Days My Profile

Celestin says:

Hi Robert,
I had been following quietly your work for sometimes now and today I decided to read this post and discover the gems you have got here. Wow! It is full packed. Fabulous post about Elite Marketing pro, I had shared it on my Facebook and twitter. You have got my beat too boy. Keep up the great work. I like very much the Humanly focus of the article, since a lot of us think that a software can do the work we have got to ourselves and it ain’t so.
Thank you.
Celestin recently posted..Effective Attraction Marketing SystemMy Profile

Hey Celestin,

Thank you so much for the really nice comment…’s funny that you bring up that you have been following my work, as when I was at the Top Earners Academy in Florida last month with Ray Higdon, I had tons of people that came up to me and say…. “You’re Robert, I have been following your blog for awhile, it’s really good”…..It just goes to show you that you never know who you are going to be helping or who’s life you touch….So it’s always a good idea to give value, and be positive all the time!

I really appreciate you sharing the post, thank you so much for that and even stopping by and commenting!
robert strong recently posted..Super Simple Ways To Make Money On The SideMy Profile

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