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A Short Review: The Origami Owl Company

by robert strong


For women, finding a work-at-home option like the Origami Owl Company can be a godsend. The internet is filled with opportunities but finding the right one, which will motivate you and still provide an easy income, is not easy. Some companies provide products that are difficult to sell or are just too expensive while others do not provide sufficient compensation.

That is probably the reason why the Origami Owl Company created a sensation. The company allowed distributors or company representatives to create unique, personalized lockets for customers at discounted rates.

Origami Owl Company: A Little History

A 14-year-old teenager who wanted a simple but easy way to earn her own income first set up the company. The company founder, Isabella, decided that the only way she could earn money was by cashing in on her creative abilities. She wanted enough money to buy her own car and the only way to do so was to sell her own unique jewelry collections. She took a $350 loan from her parents and her relatives and bought as many tiny charms as possible. Her concept was simple. Everyone loved personalized jewelry but it was usually too expensive to buy. As a result, her idea was to allow people the complete freedom to make and wear their own LIVING LOCKETS.

A Short Review: The Origami Owl CompanyShe created her own storehouse of unique trinkets and charms and then created a unique transparent glass locket that could hold the trinkets. Designers and customers could then choose the trinkets or charms they wanted to place in the locket. Each trinket had a specific meaning and it carried a complete history of the person in the locket.

The idea quickly became popular with locals and Isabella found herself with so much business that it was impossible to satisfy the demand. The company quickly went national and now people can enroll in the company to become direct distributors or investors in the Origami Owl Company. The company has also expanded it trinket and charm collection and customers can buy expensive gold, silver and stainless steel trinkets that are housed in silver, gold and stainless steel lockets.

Compensation Plans For Origami Owl

You can sign up to be a distributor or designer for the company by buying a $149 package. The company assigns you to a mentor or your mentor will be the person you signed up under. Once you have signed up, you get the company brochure, the company product line and other sales products. We aren’t really sure what you are provided with and you will have to check with your mentor for additional information.

Origami Owl Company Benefits

The company works on two income models. As a direct designer, you are free to design and sell Origami Owl Company products to your own customers. You get a percentage of the product sales. This is referred to as HOOT LOOT. For example, for every $250 personal sales that you make, you are offered $25 in the form of HOOT LOOT that you can use to buy additional jewelry for yourself or for your product range. You are also free to recruit members to your downline or your own team.

With every member you recruit, you will get an additional bonus and a percentage of the sales they make. Apart from these two methods, the company also encourages get-togethers where customers can be shown new product lines. Designers and mentors can work together to set up a JEWELRY BAR. Customers are invited to build their own lockets at the bar.

A Short Review: The Origami Owl CompanyThe hostess gets a percentage of the sales and they also get free jewelry depending on the sales made at the party. For example, a $250 sale will mean a 10% jewelry credit to the hostess and jewelry discount of 10%. Along with this, the hostess also gets a 30% gift certificate that can be used on one sale or one jewelry item.

If more than four friends schedule a jewelry bar and they manage a sale of $500 or more, they will get a $50 gift certificate. The hostess will also get an additional $25 gift certificate for every additional party that is hosted by her downline.

Apart from the main LIVING LOCKET range, the company also produces a wide range of charms, chains, plates, dangers and TAGGED jewelry lines. The selling process is simple and payments are made quickly.

Although the company has several distributors online selling the product, the company itself seems to be invisible. The main parent website is unavailable and cached versions indicate that the website was updated on January 12th, 2013. Distributors and mentors have been reassuring customers that the company has been undergoing internal renovations, which will streamline the ordering, and delivery process.

The distributor websites state that they are accepting enrollments in the form of waves or staggered enrollments. However, you should know that we’ve been unable to find PR releases, informational packets or even notices that officially announce this realignment and “staggering” process. The company is also quite new and I urge caution.

The Bottom line…..

The Origami Owl Company seems to be a very good company but it is still in its teething phases and the Origami Owl Living Lockets seem really cool, but…… I recommend caution or that you wait till the official company website comes back online.

Playing with jewelry sounds fun for awhile, oh who am I kidding it probably sounds fun all the time to all the women that are doing it……

But here is the real question?

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Do you want to be that person?

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A Short Review: The Origami Owl Company

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A Short Review: The Origami Owl Company

robert strong

Internet Marketing Ninja at
I was a once over worked under paid and definitively under appreciated retail manager that had enough of the corporate rat race. I found a creative solution to work less, make more money and live the life that i wanted to live and not what others wanted me to. click here right now to see the simple little system that I'm using that can help you make more money in any business you are in right now!
Lynn Brown says:

About 5 years ago I started my own inspiration charm jewelry business. It is a tough industry to get into and its very competitive. I am happy to have decided to jump into the network marketing company and the company I have been with for almost 2 years now. Love the comp plan, but mostly I appreciate the great leadership, vision of the company and the community. I feel that is so important for any company these days. Thanks Robert for sharing your insight and it looks like it sparked a lot of comments.

Hi Lynn,

I know after doing this review and looking at a few other companies, you are so right that it is a really tough industry to work in and be prosperous, but nothing is impossible! I am happy to hear that you have found a company that treats you and others well, and the comp plan is good for you.

As always thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!
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Josh Parker says:

Hey Robert,

Great review, as usual! Very interesting information, and also quite a wealth of other info here in the comments! Someone looking for information about Origami Owl would definitely find this review helpful, no doubt about it! Thanks for the detailed write up!

Josh Parker recently posted..How Leadership and Personal Development Impact Your Success in Network MarketingMy Profile

Good morning Josh,

Thank you for the kind words, I gave some thought to this post before I wrote it and wanted to provide some but not too much information that would allow someone to make a very educated decision on whether Origami Owl would be a good fit for them. I never thought that I would get the type of response that I did, but it just goes to show you that you never know what is going to happen!

As always thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate it!

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Steve Krivda says:

Thorough review man. love the work you are putting into helping others gain knowledge
Steve Krivda recently posted..MLM Tips – The Gym and BreakThroughsMy Profile

Good morning Steve,

Thanks, I thought this would be a great review for people to get a little bit more knowledge about Origami Owl, since they are becoming more popular. Thank you as always for stopping by and giving me your input!

Have a great day,
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Marius says:

Origami Owl seems to be a legit company, I’m shocked to see so many negative reviews online. You gave a thorough review, which informed me about the company in the first place. After reading some comments and doing some google searching I realized the jewerly is simply amazing. I can definitely see how the company is doing good!

Hello Marius,

I first want to say thank you for the mice comment you gave me about my review, and it is unfortunate that there were/are many negative comments here, but I just wanted to be a unbiased sounding board for everyone as they were struggling. I did my very best to stay as neutral as possible throughout the entire post and also commenting, I could feel the pain of many, but I feel that Origami Owl now has got their “house” back in order and things are moving along again.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting, always greatly appreciated.
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pg says:

Thank you to Olivia and Janice. Your input has answered all my questions of what is going on with OO! Im a DIW since 4/12/13 and had my orders from a jewelry bar i hosted back on 4/22/13 finally all arrive yesterday! it has been frustrating not getting ANY answers and again waiting too long on hold on the phone which i end up hanging up. If only OO would email or post on their website or FB page to their DIW and let us know also the situation! Thank you Olivia for sharing what you received.

Hi PG,

I have to also acknowledge that Olivia and Janice did a great job in their comments and while I do not want to speak for everyone else, I surely appreciate the information.

I am glad that you finally got your order delivered, and it seems that your order was right and nothing was broken :-)

Also thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment I greatly appreciate it!
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Send it to Attorney General says:

As of today there have been some serious complaints submitted to the Attorney General’s Office in Arizona to file your complaint call 602-542-5763 or go to click option consumer complaint. You can remain anonymous, or NOT!!

Thank you for the information….
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Anonomous says:

Dig deeper into the owner of origami owl and you will be shocked at what you find. Simply do a search on “chrissy weems” to see what I mean. The Susan Brock case was an infamous one in Arizona.

AZ says:

This is hands down, the WORST company I have had to deal with. Hours on the phone waiting to speak with customer service reps who can’t fix any problems (they have no access to emails, can’t give refunds/reimbursement, etc), dozens of unreturned emails, unreturned FB messages… this company is completely unprofessional. I bought a locket for mother’s day which was received cracked with an additional charm I didn’t purchase. 2 hours later on the phone I was told there was nothing that could be done until I sent the items back to them. Ok, paid for 2 day shipping and there is no record of my items being returned even though my usps tracking confirms it. I’ve had three separate “escalation” reports filed to have someone from the corporate office return my messages and nothing. Nada. I’ll be getting the replacement locket “sometime in the next couple weeks”, and I’m out the $75 original purchase and shipping costs. It’s pure BS. A company should at least offer to reimburse or compensate a customer for all the time lost, the headaches, and for the emotional toll of not having a gift to give as promised. I’m reporting them to the BBB and I will tell everyone I know (in person and via social media) to never use this company in the future because it’s a sham. So unprofessional, rude, and stretched too thin.

Hi AZ,

I can definitely see that you are frustrated and there is good reason why. I understand that the company has had some really rough patches, and they continue to work on enhancing their service and the way that all this happened.

I can see how you would feel that it is a sham, but in all fairness, you did get a “cracked” locket and an additional product that you didn’t purchase. I think that if this company was a sham, that you would have got nothing for your money. In all fairness you did get something, was it what you expected and paid for, probably not but it was still something. While I agree that they have a lot of catching up to do on orders, replacement of broken items, and over all customer service (my opinion), I do not see a sham.

You said that they were rude, this is the first that I have heard of this happening….stretched to thin….yeah…but then again, they are dealing with a ton of orders, backorders, and as you well know people calling in to get replacements.

I do hope you have better experiences with them soon, we all appreciate the comment and you taking the time to send it in. Sorry I was so late in responding I was in Vegas at a marketing event where I got recognized on stage….so now back in the saddle!
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Lisa says:

I read these comments with interest as I also am still in the middle of a bad experience. I don’t mind things back ordered. I’m slowing getting over the fact that as a hostess, I don’t really ever expect to see my ordered items. I am glad my friends go their orders…kind of. What I do mind is that I got several wrong orders, despite the packing slips saying they were right. I had many missing items that were back ordered with no indication they were back ordered so I could tell my friends. All the items were sent in my name…21 separate small boxes with with no way to identify whose was whose. Three people did not receive the normal packaging..with no rhyme or reason as to who got it and who didn’t.

Eventually maybe..if I’m lucky, my own ordered items and the back ordered items will arrive. My designer was on the phone for over 4 hours on hold trying to get some answers. I told her to forget it. I’m only out about $90 at the moment. I’m not sure of the dollar amount for the back ordered items for my friends. I’d guess most are charms to probably not more than $5.00 a person. I am sad that a company I was so impressed with the first time I ordered has been so terrible this time around. :(

Hey Lisa,

I first want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and reading all the comments that are here for this review. I am sad to hear that you are also in the middle of a bad experience, as many of these comments are in that same arena. I fully agree with you that I really do not mind if something is on back order unless I really need it, not a actual want. But as you mentioned, getting a few wrong orders does get a little bothersome, maybe one is really understandable, but numerous ones can be frustrating.

I foresee that the light at the end of the tunnel is quickly coming for Origami Owl, now that the strike is over, and they have been at least getting goods out to people, it’s not perfect but based on the huge increase in orders, and now the supply is released, they can prepare better for the future. We all know that there is not a perfect product, service, company or even any of us, but it is how we show up and get back up when we are knocked down, and in my opinion Origami Owl got knocked on their ARSHE…..but I think that they are getting back up. I could be wrong, but I have this feeling that everyone will be pleasantly surprised, I guess I am always the optimistic one in the room….

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting, this comment and the many others like it are really helping people and provides people a place to get more info! Please visit again soon and give us an update!
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dawn says:

The order was placed may 2nd

Hi Dawn,

Sorry for the late response….been getting ready for trip to Vegas – getting recognized on stage at the MGM in front of thousands of people for winning a marketing contest. Then next month going to Orlando Florida for a private Mastermind, and then Denver in July for another event.

You made your order on the 2nd, and here it is the 15th, I would think that it should arrive any day now. I have had people start telling me now that the items that are arriving are not the orders that they have ordered, maybe this is a slight oversight? I think that there is going to be some quick improvements at Origami Owl over the next few months to help to prevent this from happening again.

Please keep us up to date on when your order arrives and if it is right. Again thank you for coming by and commenting again! We all appreciate it!
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dawn says:

I am concerned! I recently made an order for my mom for Mothers day. I have tried to email and have not recieved any response. I just want to make sure this isnt a scam and my mom is actually going to recieve her gift in the mail soon!!! It was ordered online may 2nd! She just lost her mom and i wanted to get her something special. I should expect better service considering the money I spent!!

Good morning Dawn,

How long ago did you place your order? I am gathering that it is taking a few weeks now that the strike is over. How did you place your order? There are stories that some of the consultants/reps out in the field do have some product and that they can provide to you? I am not sure how much truth there is to that, but the worst thing that you could be told is no. I do not believe that Origami Owl is a scam, I do believe though they were relying on very specific resources to provide their goods, and no back up plan, which caused the lack of goods to be available. You know the whole supply and demand issue….

It will be interesting if the company is going to be able to recover after this.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting, the readers and I greatly appreciate it!
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Jeneen says:

Origami Owl is a pure joke of a company. I have the SAME experience as everyone above. Order came in with one day to spare for Mother’s Day missing 2 charms. I tried calling the customer service line twice last week with the same experiences, no one answering, and when they finally did I received no information although I had an order number. The locket my husband ordered for me for MD didn’t even come in. This company is a sham. Don’t even waste your time trying to email them. You won’t get a response. I highly suggest reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Good morning Jeneen,

I am so sorry that the 2 charms did not arrive in the order that you had placed, I am wondering if they were just wanting to get out to you what they had on hand so you were able to at least give partial gifts? I am not sure, as I have not ever been a rep for their company, as you know I just did a review for people that are looking at Origami Owl as an option to make a little bit more money, and I provided them info and also an option to do what I do.

Was there even a note or anything in the box explaining what was on back order and when they should be expecting to ship it out to you?

Let us know if you get any more information as there are a few people that are upset as you can see.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts, the readers and I greatly appreciate it!
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CH says:

Oliva’s comment was great however they are not doing enough for their customers. The customer phone number does not work, they do not answer emails or Facebook messages like they suggest. Orders come in wrong and you can’t reach anyone. A terrible experience as a new customer. Why would a consumer want to come back and order again from Origami Owl?

Hi CH,

I hear your frustration and it it one that I hear from many of the people, I am hoping that they can get through these orders quickly and be able to provide the service to their customers that the customers are wanting. I do not know that I would totally throw the towel in on them, maybe give them a little bit more time and see what happens.

I do appreciate you stopping by and commenting though, thank you!

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Brian Couch says:

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Hi Brian,

I am not sure on whether I am going to put on my blog, I am going to talk to the team as it was more for the AWOL team. I decided to really brand it that way and notice some of the plugs I made here and there…..I am sure that a few people caught most of them, but there are a few that were not as obvious.

SEO is freaking crazy, people just are not aware of how powerful it can be, I mean it can really drive traffic to your product, service or even opportunity, if done properly.

Did you see that you had your site in that training too? For the keyword Nerium review…….. You and I are in constant battle for it! We are both on page one!

Congrats on your unpaid, as it will start happening more!
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Brian Couch says:

Daang Olivia wrote a longer article than you did! lol. Great stuff as usual Robert and great webinar!
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Hey Brian,

I know….she was a rock star with her comment! So you saw my latest training video? I am just so glad that I recorded it, I know that someone of your caliber probably did not get much from it, but I know that a great deal of the newer people picked up many gold nuggets….you know a webinar like that is hard because everyone is at different levels.
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Olivia says:

I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl and I just wanted to share some things in hopes that it will provide clarity and understanding. I love this company and where it’s heart is at and what their mission be a FORCE FOR GOOD! And what a force they have become so quickly! It’s saying something that the company is barely a couple years old, yet already has more than I believe 20,000 designers nationwide! Yes there are knock-off companies popping up, but no one beats the quality and heart of our products and company. Because the company’s message and products have just absolutely exploded in popularity, they had to implement a wait list for those wanting to sign up so that they could do their best to keep up with accommodating everyone to the best of their ability as far as predictions would allow as to how much order volume they could consistently grow to keep us with despite the unprecedented rate, yet at the same time balance that with not keeping those on the wait list waiting too horribly long as to not make them unhappy before they even get started, but as you can tell, for example from the lady above who’s been on the wait list 7 weeks and still waiting and understandably losing patience, it’s been crazy and hard to manage!

However, despite this, the Nest as we call our headquarters, has done an amazing job at going with it all and growing itself as fast as it can to keep up with not only demand of product but demand of those wanting to get in on the business. Most companies don’t have to have a wait list that normally adds 1000+ new designers EACH WEEK when they believe they can accommodate them. To the lady above, I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long, but I assure you it could be worse! When I put myself on the wait list, I had to wait over 3 months, but it was well worth it! I’m sorry you weren’t warned better, I wish the designer you spoke to had been more upfront with you like mine was. She was probably afraid of scaring you off, but her lack of forthrightness clearly backfired. I always tell my prospective designers to be prepared for a 2 month wait, maybe more but this year usually it’s been less, it was down to just a few weeks wait.. until recently.

As of late the company has halted adding new designers, precisely because they are not going to to add designers they know they cannot accommodate at this time. To me this is a good thing, because what good does it do anyone if they were to add a bunch of new designers only for them to find their needs not being met right off the bat? But maybe me saying all this will show people some of the dilemmas that occur with such unprecedented growth, especially in a home sales company that desires to let others achieve their dreams of part-time or sometimes even full time income with relatively easy work that they love.. it becomes very hard to balance and please everyone, on the one hand you don’t want to bring in more designers and in turn orders than you can handle, but on the other hand you don’t want to turn so many people away either…so you grow, fast! And with that comes some bumps. The company has had this unprecedented growth through it’s entire existence, but was doing amazingly well with it considering. But then in April it all hit a whole new crazy level with Mother’s Day approaching, the launch of new products, order volume triple what they were expecting (even taking into account the holiday and new products!), a new hostess rewards program, new shipping schedule, new software for us designers, dock strikes overseas affecting product availability, and several other unforeseen problems that even the best experts in the industry working with them didn’t predict, thus causing a ripple effect on all of us, including exponentially more immense call and email volume than they already had, and even I had to wait on hold for 4 hours last week.

But the company has responded to these issues, whether their fault or not, with humility and tirelessly working around the clock, expanding hours, adding shifts, constantly hiring and training new employees, making sacrifices (like upgrading tons of orders to overnight shipping for free and splitting orders into separate shipments just to get what they have out faster despite it being more expensive for them) that lose the company significant amounts money, all for our sake to correct and lessen the impact of the problems for us as much as they possibly can. They have been humble, grateful for the huge success and all the hard work of us designers, and most importantly, sincerely apologetic to each of us for each and every problem we’ve been experiencing lately. They sent each of us a letter apologizing for how they’ve fallen short in these things, particularly for planning so many things at once which just compounded and magnified each of the problems that ended up cropping up. They are truly sorry for the ways each of us and in turn our customers have been let down lately. Some of these problems have been pretty significant, and I myself have felt them firsthand, especially on a particular night last week when I stayed up ALL night dealing with issues, but I have felt led to be a voice of positivity in this because nothing is forever, this too shall pass!

Every single home sales company, and probably just about any company in general, has had significant rough patches, even disasters, in it’s first years as they learn from their mistakes. If I’m not mistaken, 31 Gifts too had nightmarish problems in their early years and even had to practically start over from scratch, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. We are thankfully not to that point to my knowledge, not by a long shot! Unfortunately, the bigger the company, the more the impact of every mistake is felt, way more than most new companies who are much smaller when they’re this new. Most companies have more “wiggle room” to make mistakes and learn without the repercussions being felt as much. That is a downside of all this success. Robert is right to urge his reader to use caution with new companies like ours, not all the kinks are worked out yet, and if you’re going to join I would advise you to only join if you’re ready to commit to a new wonderful company and all it’s ups and downs, because there will be downs, as we’ve seen No, we’re not forced to stay in, but to me it’s a character and then in turn company strengthening thing.

I don’t mean for this to be harsh, but this isn’t for everyone, which is ok!, and maybe the downs will just help weed out those who aren’t meant for it. Every company is made up of human beings, and no human being is perfect, and therefor no company is perfect, especially one so new and learning and with so many human beings. I’m really, really not just trying to make excuses for the company and those of us who have disappointed customers, I’m just trying to tell the truth to the best of my knowledge! We have the utmost sympathy and share in customers’ frustrations! Just please know the Nest and those of us Designers who have good attitudes are working tirelessly to meet everyone’s needs to the best of our ability. Some things are out of our control, like the dock strikes overseas holding up product, but things are getting better and better every day!

Once getting over this big bump in the road I know the company will be stronger and better for it than ever…good to get these hard lessons learned in early years rather than later! I also think negativity is contagious and it’s easy for problems to get blown out of proportion, especially when we’re all mostly women dealing with this lol! Women love their drama! Ladies, whether you’re a designer or customer, it’ll be ok! It’s not the end of the world. Everyone will get from this what they choose to get from this, either a piece of jewelry, or their money back, or a little less income and more free time because they choose to leave the company, or stress and frustration that make you so mad you could spit. Or maybe some of us will get a humbling lesson in grace, compassion, and patience and how to stick it through rough patches. I’m not trying to judge or preach at anyone, but it’s true and things I’ve had to learn and be reminded of myself after a long night of vascilating between screaming at my computer screen because I had to enter a party’s orders for the umpteenth time because of a (now resolved) glitch, and venting at my husband, and utterly dreading dealing with unhappy customers whose items became unexpectedly out of stock (who to my delight ended up being most gracious), but I choose to not let any more of my nights be like that. It affects me only how I let it, and in the end, it is only jewelry.

It breaks my heart the company is having to endure such nasty complaints from a minority of people, and while I realize some complaints and frustrations are justified and should and will be addressed, I do not sympathize much with those who choose to be nasty and go so far as to take it to the Attny General. If they would take the time to look into the whole situation they might see what I’ve been saying…today’s society is so indoctrinated with instant gratification and selfishness that grace, patience, and understanding have gone by the wayside. I will have no part of that, I continue to commit to be a force for good and do my very best along with the company, though we are still imperfect, to serve my customers and my community and humbly ask their forgiveness for when I may fail. Sorry to make a very long comment even longer, and thank you for reading this far, but I thought I’d share some recent memos we’ve gotten from the Nest updating us on situations (I would share the apology letter but I can’t find it now):

“Dear Designers
You have been working hard – and it shows! Over the past several weeks, we have seen an exponential increase in order volume. In fact, our order volume has tripled over our forecasted levels for this time period. This, coupled with dock strikes overseas, has caused unexpected product availability issues. While the dock strikes have been going on for weeks, we did not anticipate that our inventory levels would be impacted in the way that they have because we secured plans early on to fly our products in. Unfortunately, during this time of crisis, many major retailers and manufacturers also switched their shipping method to air delivery. Although our preferred shipping method was secured early on, our place in line has been bumped repeatedly, causing an unexpected ripple effect resulting in shipping delays. Our inventory management team has been closely monitoring our in-stock levels against the anticipated delivery dates for weeks, believing that we would not be impacted in this way. Unfortunately, due to these circumstances, we are experiencing items going out of stock that we simply did not foresee being an issue. We continue to receive large shipments daily and are fulfilling orders with them as quickly as possible.

Rest assured that we will be able to maintain inventory levels long-term, and that we have already placed ample orders to support our unprecedented growth. Unfortunately, in the short-term, we are experiencing limited availability for some products. We ask that you keep a close eye on the Product Availability Listing, which is updated daily in your Back Office News Feed. While you are currently able to place orders in your Designer shopping cart for items that are temporarily unavailable, we recommend offering alternate options based on available items to your customers.

During this time we will be closely monitoring our inventory levels and will not be inviting new Designers In Waiting to join our team until we feel confident that we can support both their needs and yours. We will update you weekly on our plans and remain committed to ensuring that, first and foremost, your needs are being met.

Please know that you have a strong team of more than 450 amazing people at the Nest who work tirelessly to support you and your Origami Owl business each and every day. We do this because we love you and are grateful to be on this amazing journey with you. We believe that this company is about far more than just selling jewelry; it’s about changing lives, one dream at a time. We thank you for your continued patience and partnership as we continue to set new bars for ourselves and surpass all industry standards. Know that you are a part of a company that is doing things that have quite simply never been done before, and because of this, the road may not always be smooth, but we are confident that it will always be worth it.

{Much Love}

The Nest”

“We know that unexpected delays and hiccups cause very real challenges for you and, in turn, for your customers. We want you to know that, from the Warehouse and Fulfillment teams to Designer Care, IT and Communications, our employees here at the Nest won’t rest until your needs are met. Rest assured that we have crews working around the clock to fulfill orders, answer your questions, communicate new information and improve your overall experience with Origami Owl.

Below are several specific steps we are taking to serve you better:

· We have extended our Designer and Customer Care team hours to 12 hours per day (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., PST) Monday through Friday.

· Our inventory managers are continuously checking the status of incoming products. We are pleased to report that we are now receiving inventory deliveries daily.

· We have added additional order fulfillment lines to our warehouse, to greatly increase our output, as the number of orders we are now receiving have quintupled (yes, that means that our orders have increased by five times our regular volume!) since before April 22nd.

· We have added additional shipping stations, so we can get packages out the door more quickly and efficiently.

· We have added 70 additional people to our warehouse team and are now operating 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

We are committed to supporting you and your business and will continue to ramp up our efforts to support your needs. We have big plans for the future and will continue to increase our operation to accommodate the unprecedented growth we continue to experience.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have sent notes of gratitude and encouragement to our employees over the past week. We have received everything from flowers to cupcakes to full catered meals, and we are extremely grateful. Your acts of generosity and kindness have given those who are working hard to support you an extra dose of encouragement to continue to go above and beyond.

We value and love you and look forward to seeing what the future holds as we work even harder to help you reach your dreams.


The Nest”

Thank you for reading!

Good morning Olivia,

First of all I would like to say thank you so much for providing such an in depth comment here, which will hopefully allow all the readers to possibly understand what is happening and why…. I think the “why” is so much more important for anything, and you have really went above and beyond and provided so much feedback and information here, I know that at least I feel more understanding of what is going on.

You bring up some very valid points and points like them not adding on many more designers as they are trying to keep up with what they currently have, that is totally understandable.

P.S. I am going to edit your comment (with spaces) to try to make it easier for people to read. I lost my place a few times, but maybe it was because I haven’t had a cup of coffee yet this morning.
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Olivia says:

You’re welcome! And that’s fine about the editing haha, sorry, I get on a roll and forget to separate my thoughts. I just want people to know the problems aren’t being denied or brushed off, they’re being worked on to the best of everyone’s ability considering the circumstances and allowing for some unintentional mistakes that unfortunatly have quite the ripple affect. But I fully believe the company when they say they say they will not stop until they make it right by everyone they possibly can, even if it take a little while. I can’t wait to see the future of this company! Thank you for reading everything I had to say! And thank you for your honest but nice review!

Hi Olivia,

It was not a problem on the long comment….really easy to fix. I know I am just really thankful for the in depth comment you left. It is good to know that everyone’s concerns are not falling on deaf ears and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In time I can see this actually really turning around and maybe being a blessing in disguise, and as well all know that as companies get bigger, there are things that pop up and cause concerns for many people.

Thank you for the kind words on the actual review, I always do my best to provide an honest and unbiased review, and allow people to make their own decisions. Maybe we can do a recorded interview via SKYPE and I can add it in here? If you would be interested let me know.

Cheers and once again thank you!
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Catrina says:

I placed an order on April 24th, i got my confirmation the next day but i have sent three emails and never gotten a response. I tried calling and a this time can not get anyone to pick up the phone. The money has already been taking out of my account and now I cant get through to anyone. Beginning to think this company is a fraud……I ordered in plenty of time for mothers day (so the web site said) but I am loosing faith in this company. How do they expect to keep going if they sucj everyone in to get their first time order and then you can reach anyone. This is BS Robert.

Hi Catrina,

April 24th, and a confirmation the next day. What type of confirmation was it? An order confirmation or a ship confirmation? I sure hope that you get the item way before Mothers Day, as it is coming up pretty soon.

I know that this is all “BS”, and I agree! I wish that I had more of a contact, I will see if I can get someone on the inside.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving this comment, we all greatly appreciate it!
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K.R.T. says:

When I first decided to join OO in March, I contacted them via e-mail to ask a few questions before making my final decision to join. After several days I didn’t get a response. I made a second attempt. Several more days…No response. I then decided to find a “Designer” through Facebook. She was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I then signed up under her. It wasn’t until then that I found out that I wasn’t allowed in right away. So on March 12 I was placed on a waiting list. Each week they only “invite” 1000 people into the company. I was told it would only take about 2-3 weeks to get my “invite”. I have seen so many weeks that they were unable to invite waiting designers into the company due to system issues or high volume of orders keeping them too busy to add new designers. I have been waiting for over 7 weeks and still have at least 2 more weeks before I will be invited. Big mistake on their part because I am getting frustrated and starting to Google OO and their business practices. The negative feedback I have seen is right there with what I have experienced and am feeling. I have also since found that there are websites selling the same items for waaaaay less. Floating Lockets & Locket Memories are just a couple. When my “Invite” finally comes I will be declining.

c.manowski says:

Thanks for your review! I’m learning so much with all the reply. My order was placed April 12 and paid for, but never got it. I have been calling and emailing everyday.on hold 55 minutes ..crazy I know! Good luck with facenook I posted along with others complaints that they removed and now you cant comment on there page or send an email with facebook…attorney generals office in Arizona has serious complaints about the company that I found on the Internet..good luck to all!

You are so welcome for the review. It is sad to see a company with such potential to have this many opportunities pop up, and yes I have seen some of the concerns even off of this page, but I hope that they can turn it around.

Let us know if you get any more information that can help so many people that are having a hard time getting their orders.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment! The readers and I greatly appreciate it!
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Lauren says:

Please let us know if you determine a successful method of getting in touch with their customer service department. I too, ordered lockets for Mother’s Day and was shipped the wrong items. Just as many others, I spent over 2 hours (on 2 separate calls) on hold and unanswered emails.

I certainly would not recommend or endorse this company, no matter how unique their products. Customer service can make or break a company.

Hi Lauren,

I have not found a successful way as of yet and it seems that no one else here has either. I sent out a FAQ link to their site but I have not heard if that has helped anyone, the link is along in the comments here, you could try that and see what happens.

As always thank you for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated by all the readers and myself.
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Candace h. says:

I would like to add that their jewelry is super neat! I do not want to cancel my order.. Money has already been taken out of my account. I just think if anyone is given that amount of money they should be more than willing to pick up a phone. If they choose to treat customers with the attitude that they don’t care.. Their business won’t last. Nor would any business in that situation.

Hey Candace,

While I am not a big jewelry guy….lol…. it does look kinda neat and unique….but the point is exactly as you referenced. It all comes down to customer service, it doesn’t matter if it is a 1.00 item or a 10,000.00 item, treat your customers well and do what every you can (within reason) to take care of them. Most people are reasonable, they only want what is fair, I mean you pay for something, you want it. Pretty simple.
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Candace h. says:

I was on hold for over an hour.. No one picked up the phone. Still haven’t recieved conformation email from an order I made 5 days ago. I’m sorry but customer service is key to any business.. If you can’t be reached by phone or email there is no way the business will servive! People need to know where their money is going, what day the shipment will be delivered, and a answered phone call if need be. I tried contacting the girl I ordered over $200 from and she won’t even get back to me. As far as I am concerned I have never dealt with a worse company and if some one doesn’t get back to me real fucking soon I will be contacting better business bureau! I understand its not going to work 100% in the begining.. That’s a given BUT to build a business people need to be able to contact you especially with an online order! They make enough money to hire some damn customer service reps.

Hi Candace,

Are you sure you were calling Origami Owl – I mean being on hold for over an hour….there is only one entity that I have experienced that with…. THE IRS! All joking aside, as it really is not funny…. I apologize. It seems that they are having a really rough patch with their customer service, have you tried hitting their Facebook wall, I know that there were a few people here that were doing that and getting better results.

I am so glad that I do not have to deal with this. I just do my blogging, write a few articles, show people how to do it as well..and my team of customer service reps are like no others….It’s like they roll out the red carpet. Maybe my team can train them? lol …..

Well I know that all this should help, as this post has got tons of comments and is going viral….Maybe you should take this post and put it on a few of the Facebook walls of Origami Owl and any reps that you know…..and they will see it actually is an issue that people are having….just food for thought!

Is there something that I can do to help?

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Candace h. says:

I appreciate your quick response! I do not mean to be rude on your blog it’s what popped up first on google! You should defiantly request to train them.. If agreed you would probably make millions! Lol! I did read the comment about posting to Facebook wall. The only problem I have with that is the gifts I bought were for Mother’s Day and since my mother in law and mother are on my Facebook and also fans of the oragami owl page I do not want to ruin the surprise! After Mother’s Day I would be glad to! I called 888-491-0331.. The recording said it was the oragami owl cust care. It was extremely irritating to listen to that for an hour and have no one pick up. I have never dealt with a business that wouldn’t reply to me. Who knows.. I guess I will wait and see if it comes in the mail by Mother’s Day. If it does not.. Or the package doesn’t include everything I ordered I will take further action.

Hello Candace,

It is ok, I understand your frustration. I always say that if you are nice in the beginning and still not able to get anywhere, then it is ok to bring out the heavier artillery. Anytime I have an issue with a company, (as I worked in retail for over 20 years), I know that being nice is a way to have the person understand and have empathy. But…..there are times that like I said, you have to get more aggressive.

I can totally understand your dilemma about posting on Facebook since it is a gift and many people will see and the surprise could be ruined.

I wish that I could do something, I mean besides being a sounding board and a place that everyone can see some of the “speedbumps” that the company is having.

I am glad to see that my blog popped up on Google first, I do alot of blogging and do it in a way that I get page one exposure on many of my posts, which really helps my business and my team can see that it can be done….

P.S. Just thought that if you keep all your dates and times of when you called and if you do not get everything, file a claim with your credit card company. Dispute some or all of the charges. Just a thought.

Let us all know how it all plays out….. Mothers Day is just around the corner!

As always thanks for stopping by and keeping us up to date!
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It is not uncommon right to be on “hold” with Origami Owl! Designers have been on hold for 5 and 6 hours and still no communication between the “Nest”! It is so hard to be a designer right now! I have lost pretty much all hope with this company! If things dont change after Mother’s day I am done! Yes there was a 40+day dock strike in Hong Kong where we get our stuff from but now that it is over we should be getting shipments in! I am still waiting on 5 orders that I placed for Mothers day orders from April 21st!!! NOTHING has changed on their status! There are 65 items on back order!!!! How can they expect me to run my business like this! Its like going to a Diner and the waitress telling you they are out of everything!!!!


I am really sorry that you are experiencing this, and being a business owner, I bet that you are somewhat caught in the middle as the orders that are placed through you are having upset people on the other end. I am glad that my business does not have to worry about “hard products” like these, otherwise I could be in the same boat at some time. All I really need is an internet connection and I’m good to go.

I like you mentioning that it is like going to a diner and not being able to order anything. It does make complete sense.

Do you know when the strike ended? It was 40+ days I did hear that from a few sources, but when did it end?

Thank you for stopping by and letting us know a little bit more information. The readers really enjoy all this feedback!
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The strike ended Monday. I also find it quite funny that if you Google the mother of the young girl that is the “Owner” of Origami Owl you will find that she was arrested right before or right around the time the company had started! Look for your self! Google “Chrissy Weems arrested” ….its not good for business thats for sure! It makes me wonder with all of these issues whats really going on with the “NEST”!!!!!

Katy kelley says:

I purchased through the main website 2 weeks ago and received my order today. It is missing 6 charms! All are listed on the invoice slip that states it was “carefully inspected & packed”. None are on back order. I am so upset! This was supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift. I have sent 2 emails to customer care and have been on hold for over an hour with their call center… How can I reach the designer directly? Ahhhh

Hey Katy,

I am sorry to hear about the missing pieces, as its getting down to the wire on your gift. I did find their FAQ page – hopefully this will help…. I did notice that they only allow 7 days to claim something missing. Below is the link:

I hope this helps. Let us all know how it all plays out…. all these comments are really helping people find solutions and it is interesting to see different angles and approaches that are taken to get resolutions.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us….we all greatly appreciate it!
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katy kelley says:

I reported the missing items immediately via email and voicemail (no one ever answers the phone). I also posted a comment on their Facebook page and actually received a response. They asked for my order # and said it will be looked into. We’ll see what happens….

Hey Katy,

That is so weird that no one answers the phone…. I know as well as everyone else that social media is very powerful, but I still do not think it can replace a voice on the other end of the phone. A voice that can say that they are sorry and a voice that you can tell is there to help you in any way that they can.

It sounds like you are one step closer, so progress is good! Let us know how it gets resolved, maybe you can get a good contact person for everyone else here as well?

Again thanks for keeping us up to speed, we all appreciate it!
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bigdumb says:

what do you need??? i prob have it…

Jan says:

Apologies, I think you were more correct about Hoot Loot than I was, I found this oosted by an OO designer: Hoot Loot is our Designer reward program. For every $250 you submit in PV (Personal Volume), you receive $25 in Hoot Loot for the following month. You can purchase inventory or/and business supplies. You can let the Hoot Loot accumulate and spend it when you are ready! We also use our Hoot Loot to purchase our rewards for our party hosts.

Hey Jan,

Oh its ok…. there is just so much info out in the internet and sometimes it can get pretty confusing. Thanks for the follow up comment to let us all know more about the Hoot Loot.
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Jan says:

Also I believe there are some inaccuracies in your review, as far as Hoot Loot that is an incentive given to the hostess of the jewelry bar party, not the designer. And as I understand it, designers receive 50% commission on all charms, and 30% commission on chains and lockets. You can also earn additional 9-15% in commissions from your team of designers that you mentor in the company. As far as a job opportunity, I think most women can make a little money doing this on the side, at the very least enough to bankroll their own living locket addiction and potentially much more depending ob where they focus their activities. I do have experience with another direct sales company, but I am not an Origami Owl designer or employee. I’m seriously considering it, though! I enjoyed your fair review and comments.

Hi Jan,

Really? I felt that I did a pretty good and thorough investigation on what is being offered. I will have to go back and see what I miss read or misspoke. I stand corrected. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

As you mentioned and I strongly agree that “I think most women can make a little money doing this on the side, at the very least enough to bankroll their own living locket addiction and potentially much more depending ob where they focus their activities“. As with anything in life, if you really focus on it and focus on the right actions – you can be successful, and it helps to have some passion about the product and or service that you are offering. Can I get excited about jewelry and the whole line of products that Origami Owl offers….not really, which is why I decided to do something totally different….. And that is exactly what I am doing here…. it all comes down to blogging…

I greatly appreciate your kind words of my review and comments being fair. I always do my best to write a review that actually will help people make an educated decision, and not one that is guided by my biased opinions.
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Jan says:

I also tried calling OO twice and was on hold for almost an hour both times before I gave up. They do have a very active facebook page though, being a young company and surely attracting young employees I wasn’t surprised. So I sent them a facebook message and received a reply within just a few hours, even asked a few more questions and received thorough responses to all, 3 or 4 replies in a total of 18 hours so not bad at all. I do think they should improve their phone process drastically, but its also important to have phone staff properly trained or they wont be able to do anything more than take messages. I think they have bumps to smooth out but it looks to me as though they are working on it and I think they will do well in the market. Some customers seem upset about the slow order process, but there are many designers who keep products on hand and if there is a rush to receive a product they should find a designer who already has what they want. These products are in high demand and Im surprised more arent back-ordered.

Hi Jan,

I am glad that you were able to get a hold of someone through their Facebook group. As we all know with anything new, there are always bumps and sometimes pitfalls along the way. I would hope that they work through these pretty quickly before more people start getting frustrated and going elsewhere.

On one hand a item that is normally back ordered means it is really popular, so that’s a good sign!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting and letting me and the other readers know some more experiences that people are having.
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Gloria Switzer says:

I am thoroughly disgusted with this company. I ordered almost $300.00 worth of product on March 21, 2013. I received my order on April 2, 2013 but this was after I had to contact my representative to find out where my order was. My order was short 2 items which were on back order. The representative did not tell me at the time of my order that the items were back ordered. After receiving my partial order, I immediately contacted her and she said the items would be shipped by mid April. I never received another message. I contacted her on April 21, 2013 again and I have yet to receive status. These items were purchased for my mother and my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. The problem I have now is that my mother will be out of town for three weeks and I need to find another gift before she leaves. So to date, I have contacted my representative 3 times, I have called the customer service number 5 times and have wasted over an hour of my time on hold. And I have sent 3 emails. I have yet to receive a response from anyone.

Hey Gloria,

I am sorry that you are having this type of experience. I wish that there was something that I could do, but I just did a review so people could see if it is a good fit for them. While there is not a perfect company, or business opportunity, I think that maybe Origami Owl is having a speed bump or two….

Thank you for allowing me and the other readers here know what you are experiencing.
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Lauren says:

I have had a very similar experience. I recently ordered 2 lockets and was shipped the wrong items. I have sent 2 email, been on hold for over 2 hours, and left a posting on their Facebook wall all without a single response. There customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Hey Lauren,

Seems to be happening to quite of few people and their orders….let’s hope that they get this all resolved very quickly and that people can get their gifts received to give to their loved ones. I just do not get how a company can become so popular so quickly and drop balls like this? I wish you the best of luck!
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Gloria Switzer says:

Hello everyone. I was told by my “designer” that the backlog was caused by labor strikes at their supplier in China. I’m not sure if this is accurate information, however I thought I would pass it along.

On another note she sent me her demo chain in order for me to have my moms Mother’s Day gift in time and I will have to send her a new chain if and when my order is ever received. I truly appreciate her doing this for me but I feel rather cheap that I had to resort to giving a used item as a gift. I asked for a discount but all she could offer me was a gift certificate towards a future order. Thanks but no thanks. Lesson learned. I highly doubt I will ever order from this company again.

Hey Gloria,

Thank you so much for the updated info. It is interesting that she should be willing to send you her demo chain, I do not know if I would have accepted it, even with a discount.
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Janice says:

Thank you, Olivia, for an insider’s perspective. I, too, am a Designer and have been for 16 months. Origami Owl was caught in the big dock strike and inventory levels dropped below normal. It was difficult to fill orders when there was a 450% increase in orders from the previous month and container ships were stuck in port. They made the decision to fly inventory in, which probably cost them an outrageous amount of money just to fill as many orders as they could for Mother’s Day. Were they the ONLY Direct Sales company to be negatively impacted by the dock strike? No, other companies couldn’t receive packaging for their products, or had other issues. These things happen sometimes. They are working their employees in three shifts around the clock. There really isn’t much else to be done unless some customers can create more than 24 hours in a day. Origami Owl met its first year’s sales projections three months after opening as a Direct Sales company, and is setting records for growth in the industry. With those kind of numbers, there have been times when the demand for their products has outstripped incoming shipments. This is a young company and it will take some time to have all processes working smoothly. They are bringing on new employees all the time; however, it makes no sense to place untrained individuals on the phone lines to deal with customer questions. They must be trained first. I agree that not receiving prompt answers is very frustrating, and not the level of customer service that should expected, but as the company moves along and grows it will improve. I have seen it for over a year.
“Hoot Loot” for Designers is a thing of the past. They have moved that over into their Hostess Rewards Program, and the program is quite amazing. The company is in the process of getting its DSA (Direct Sales Association) accreditation, is a growing and changing company as it is maturing, and eventually will be a smoothly operating company (as smoothly operating as any manufacturing industry company can be.) Yes, there is a waiting list for Designers. Why? Because they walk a delicate balance between sending out inventory kits for new Designers, while making sure they have sufficient inventory for their current Designers. We have had varying numbers of invitations sent out; anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 at a time, depending on inventory levels.
Is it worth it to join Origami Owl? Yes…emphatically yes. Join with an experienced Mentor, be willing to put in the time and effort to build a business and you will be successful. My income level with Origami Owl is at four-figures a month. I joined in January of 2012, and have never looked back…not once.

Good morning Janice,

Thank you first of all for leaving a comment, I know it cannot be real easy to read and comment on this thread, due to some of the challenges that people are facing. A 450% increase in orders is huge for any company especially when they had no idea it was coming and then for the supply chain to be pretty much severed, it is quite obvious why orders were not arriving. I can understand the frustration from all parties as I lived the supply life, the retail life, the management life and even obviously still live the consumer life, and its frustrating.

I do think that Origami Owl has had a few bumps, some not all their fault, maybe non of it was their fault, but my biggest question is why are so many people claiming that there is never anyone to talk to, I hear that employees are working around the clock. What about the customer service people, the ones answering the phones, monitoring the Facebook wall, sending out emails? People for the most part will understand everything that you and Olivia have said, but they just need to hear it, they need someone to vent to, someone that cares on the other line when they call, someone that will actually answer the phone.

Could Origami Owl even send out a Press Release to all their customers? They surely have everyone’s email – it would be silly if they didn’t!

Well again I want to thank you for leaving a great comment and giving us even more information, hopefully this gets turned around here soon and the company keeps moving forward, and also congrats on the success of your business success up to this point. If you are interested in another way to get even more traffic and buyers to your affiliate pages let me know, I may have an idea for you!


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Dreama Beauchamp says:

I have emailed them twice and still haven’t heard anything also couldn’t find a phone number. Do you have a number for them? I’m very upset with this company.

Gloria Switzer says:

Hi Dreama,

The customer service phone number is 888-491-0331. They are on PST. Not sure what time zone you’re in. Their offices are supposed to open at 9am PST however I have yet to get through. Good luck!

Lisa-Marie says:

Yes, when a company is new, there will be some snags. They are up to nearly 200 employees are their office. If they get even 1 email a day from their designers that is thousands of emails to respond to. I generally receive a response within a few days. Being patient and enjoying being a part of a company in its early stages is really exciting. If every company started out perfect with endless money and staff, we would all have a business of our own. I do this a side income for fun while I work a full time job. I’m not in it to get rich and I don’t expect to.

Hi Lisa Marie,

First I would like to say thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment. When I did this review, there were some hiccups and as you mention, yes most new companies have these types of snags, so in all fairness it is pretty common. I am glad that you get a response within a few days, that is great, I have heard of a few people that have had to wait longer, but a few days is not unheard of, there are even huge retail stores that sometimes takes weeks.

Can you comment on what you really love about the experience so far with Origami Owl, and what you would give as one piece of advice to anyone looking at Origami Owl as a way to generate income?
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Anonymous says:

Origami Owl does not answer the phone, has no voicemail and does not respond to emails. They are signing people up by the thousands but have no clue how to work with the people already signed up. They are understaffed. My guess is that they will be out of business by the end of the year. 17 complaints with the BBB? Unreachable? Well, at least Bella got her vehicle and Chrissy stuffed her bank account. Done.

Well Anonymous,

I am so sorry to hear that you are having this type of experience with them. Have you tried to reach out to the reps and get a trail of conversations going that way? I wish you luck in your quest.
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Wow Photos says:

I’m an Independent Designer with Origami Owl and I love it! It’s worth mentioning that their Commissions for selling the product are between 30-50% which makes for some real earnings potential without having to build a downline!


Thanks for the additional information on their pay structure, so lets say on a 100.00 item, you can make 30 – 50 pct commission, not bad I suppose. So lets also consider how many of those you would have to make to actually quit your job (which most people do, because of one reason or another), it would be quite a bit, this is why I chose to go with an alternative that pays me 100% commission….

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, greatly appreciate it!
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