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Richard Brooke:From Chicken Stripper To Captain Of Industry

by robert strong


Richard Brooke passionately believes in success stories because he is one. He knew what it was like to be discouraged, suffering from one setback to another, until he found his true calling in life, which is network marketing. And maybe that’s why the multi level marketing sector likewise became his niche:one of its attractions is that, regardless of your status in life, experience, and educational background, you can succeed in it as long as you put in the time and energy.

What The Beginning Looked Like For Richard Brooke

Richard Brooke:From Chicken Stripper To Captain Of IndustryThe boy who grew up in a Californian cattle ranch did not finish college. After getting his high school diploma, Richard Brooke first earned money by pumping gas in a station.  Unfortunately, the job did not last long. He forgot to lock the door to the station twice in a row – and for his neglect, he was fired by the manager.

The next stint for Richard was much more promising. He applied for and got a job in Foster Farms, the largest poultry processing plant in the world. The job was not glamorous, but it brought him steady income at an hourly pay of $3.05. He also got the standard employee benefits of vacation leave, health services, and a good retirement package.

You couldn’t blame Richard Brooke if at that point, he had decided to stay in the chicken poultry processing plant and work until his retirement forty years later. He was 22 at that time.  He did not have an inkling that eight years later, he would make his first million – but this time in another industry:  the network marketing sector.

Richard Brooke And His Turning Point

The turning point came when a friend who was in the multi level marketing business made the usual sales pitch to Richard Brooke and recruited him. Whereas others shied away, the future giant of the industry saw an opportunity. He joined that friend’s network marketing company, American Professional Marketing or Ampro, and gave the business his heart, soul, and energy. He also soaked up all the learnings that his mentors and upline gave him. At the age of 28, he became the Executive Vice President of AmPro Marketing. He was overseeing a $60 million dollar company that employed 200,000 sales people.

And the rest for Richard Brooke, as they say, is history.

Richard Brooke:From Chicken Stripper To Captain Of Industry

Richard Brooke has had his fair share of the industry, becoming the head of two other companies, although not consecutively: Lifeshotz, of which he became owner, founder, and Chief Visionary Officer; and the current Oxyfresh which he established in the early 1980s and has since owned. The man is worth millions of dollars today and he has trained countless others to reach the same stature and financial freedom.

Ask his secret for success, and Richard Brooke will mention a few choice phrases:  “accountability,” “teamwork,” “harmony” and “understanding what the business is all about.”

Richard Brooke Has A Vision – Does It Match Yours

Richard Brooke:From Chicken Stripper To Captain Of IndustryRichard Brooke himself is an excellent salesman who can probably persuade an Eskimo to buy ice. His selling skills are such that he can probably convince you to buy whatever he is offering. Yet, he is the first to point out that the network marketing industry must not be seen as a direct selling industry. The two businesses must be made distinct.

He always points out to his followers that the network marketing industry is about helping others rich in your path way to success. Money is made when your recruits grow your circle. He defines the industry as the one place where you can work hard to reach your dreams, and others as well live theirs.

Maybe that’s why Richard is emphatic when it comes to standards of excellence. He admonishes the different network marketing companies not to waste their time and energies fighting, but instead find ways to partner and help others earn their millions. There will always be competition but he believes that companies can help each other to make the entire industry better.

Richard is not just your typical multi level marketing superstar – he is its nurse, gardener, and caretaker.

It is quite obvious that Richard has done very well in his endeavors, and so can you.

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Richard Brooke:From Chicken Stripper To Captain Of Industry

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Richard Brooke:From Chicken Stripper To Captain Of Industry

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Mike says:

Great post! Another success story, it’s great!

Hi Mike,

Thanks man, I think that the title is tripping some people up! LOL…. I mean who has ever heard of a chicken stripper? There are success stories from all over the world, and most are people that struggled for a long time but had the passion and desire to never give up!
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sheena says:

great story robert!!!

Good morning Sheena,

I am glad that you liked it!
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Amylia Chiew says:

Hi Robert,
Richard Brooke is indeed another success story. That goes to show that we really do need to accept that to be successful, you need to get through some setbacks, the lows of life, but with tons of positivity, perseverance, and a vision, anything is possible. And Richard Brooke, along with so many others, are proof of this. Great post, Robert! You certainly did a lot of research on this :)

Good morning Amylia,

I love my title, it gets so many people…. A Chicken Stripper – people are like “What” – stops them dead in their tracks! You are so right though when it comes to success, we have to be willing to take the hardship that normally comes before great success. Thank you for the kind words, I did do some great research on him, I wanted to give some good value to people that came to find out more on him!

As always thank you for dropping in and checking out my posts, and leaving a great comment, it is always appreciated!

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