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Social Monkee – A Backlink And Traffic Magical Tool

by robert strong

social monkee

No matter how excellent your web content is or how jaw-dropping its design and features, you still would need Social Monkee to make it successful.

That may sound like a direct advertisement – but it is true.

Figure this one out: web content is important and ultimately reading it influences a user or a reader to stay on your page and browse through the different sections.  But having great content alone would not bring that very same reader to your site in the first place.

This is where Social Monkee comes in.

Social Monkee And Search Engine Results

Social Monkee – A Backlink And Traffic Magical ToolThe dynamics of web content, web traffic, and search engine results are like the chicken-and-egg scenario:which comes first?

The early internet contention that content is king still remains true. It is the information that you post and the kind of interaction that you elicit that create stickiness for your site and make people want to stay. However, it is the search engine results ranking your website that will bring the reader to your site. Web is not like traditional media which has newspapers and magazines getting their just exposure by being displayed on shops and bookstores; people see the cover and buy a copy.

In contrast, there are millions of Web pages and blogs now occupying cyber space. The only one way that any one of them could appear on your computer is when their title or URL appears on your search engine results. Likening it to the bookstore display model, the search engine is like the shop girl or bookstore assistant actually pointing to you the magazine on the shelf. It is vital that your web site comes up in the first top 10 search engine results; emerge as #11 on page 2 of Google and no user will click on you and your Web page will remain unread.

Social Monkee sees to it that you do come out on the first page and the top 10 search engine results.

The mystery to this formula lies in the back links. A back link is, you guessed it, linkages between your Web page and hundreds of other Web pages that will increase the chances of a reader clicking on that link to get to your site. For example, a very popular Web site has in its second paragraph the statement:  “Publishing is a risky business.” Now the word “publishing” will be made click-able to your Web page because the business being promoted in it is publishing.  You can do this kind of back linking yourself but it would take a lot of man hours and tedious effort on your part.

Social Monkee lifts that burden off you – and more important, multiplies your effort by a hundred times.

Social Monkee, SEO and Back Links

How many Web sites can you back link your Web page to, in a day?

Honestly, you would have no standard  by which to make an estimate. But Social Monkee can create as many as 750 Social Monkey backlinks for your Web site linking them to 9,000 other Web pages in just one month. That alone will increase your chances of landing on the top results of a search by Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine.

Social Monkee – A Backlink And Traffic Magical Tool

Another thing that it does to increase your traffic is to search optimize your page. The text in your Web site has to be search engine optimized, or it has to conform to a certain number of keywords if it is to land among the top search engine results. For example, one article in your Web site is about ‘magazine articles.’ That phrase ‘magazine articles’ is the keyword that readers will type in their Google search; the trick is to create enough ‘magazine article’ phrases spaced strategically across your Web site to attract the search engine to your Web site. There is even a Social Monkee Firefox plugin that makes adding content into the program a breeze, and it is nearly seamless.

Search engine optimization writers are paid an arm and a leg to do this for Web content articles.

Social Monkee adds it to your overall package.

The other advantages of  using Social Monkee are as follows: savings because you will no longer have to spend a lot of money on experts; reports that track the success of your back links; greater exposure of your Web site; and possible increased revenue because of your traffic.

It is not enough to build a Web page and hope people will come to read them – use Social Monkee as a crowd-drawer and electronic town crier. I hope that you have really enjoyed this Social Monkee review and as a bonus, watch the Social Monkee instruction video below that I show you how easy it is to add in links and ways to get even more links!


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Social Monkee – A Backlink And Traffic Magical Tool

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Social Monkee – A Backlink And Traffic Magical Tool

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