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Here is a Unbiased Herbalife Review

by robert strong

Herbalife Review

Here is a Unbiased Herbalife Review

It is tough to find a good Herbalife review from the distributor viewpoint because they’re created by usually ex distributors who didn’t make any money in the business or they’re written by those who are actively attempting to sponsor you into the business.

It is really hard not to find a Herbalife review from some one that insist they were somehow misled and ripped off. Unfortunately there’s a huge rate of failure in M.L.M and internet promotion businesses particularly when sponsors promise that new team members will make huge amounts of money. If you take the time to look at any of these Herbalife reviews you may see that they are full of grouses by folk who were never in a position to achieve what they were guaranteed.

You’ll be able to find adverts for Herbalife everywhere many claim you can make $5500 full time or up to $1500 part-time. That isn’t a lie. There are always folk in any network marketing business who do make a good salary working part time hours, but what the signs don’t tell you is the quantity of time, effort, energy and investment those people put into their enterprises so as to make that sort of money. Promising folk that they can make money is not wrong in itself. What we actually do need to do is discover the truth behind Herbalife.


Behind A Powerful Herbalife Review

Herbalife has been in existence for over thirty years and all but 15% of the company’s $3.5 bn. earnings is distributed to their top producers. What’s left over is distributed to the rest of the people in the field. But mull it over, this large discrepancy in revenues can apply to any business. If you glance at the real-estate industry it’s only the top 15% of all real estate agents who really make serious commHere is a Unbiased Herbalife Reviewissions. All of the other eighty five % just get by.

The truth is it’s probably only about 15% of folks that get involved in any business who are basically willing to put in the work to form a successful business.

The income disclosure offered by Herbalife review states the average distributor only earns $300 a year. This does not imply this business isn’t viable Herbalife would not be in business if this was so. Is obvious. Everybody who joins an opportunity has the same chances of earning a large income. It might appear to be that only 15% of these people really do what is critical to reach those high earnings levels!

Just punch the words “hate Herbalife” into a browser and you’ll get pages on pages of stories from normal people who have lost their savings and their sanity trying to make a hit with the Herbalife Mlm system and one word you’ll see a lot is “lie”.

I call a Herbalife review like this is – disgruntled distributor reviews. They feel that they were misled… And they may have been. But who misled them? The company? Their up-line sponsor? It’s tough to know definitely. But the final analysis fact is YOU are responsible for your own success and if there’s anyone that is enjoying success with Herbalife – then YOU can enjoy success as well if you commit to making that happen.


What To Really Consider About This Herbalife Review

You can build a successful networking promoting business part time. It’s possible to do this without even giving up your regular job when you start. It usually takes time to build any business to the level where you’re making decent money. There is a great deal that you can learn from this Herbalife review, if you just follow it.

That is any business. It is of no significance what you do. You can start selling plants at a flea market, however it will take some time to build that business and get regular repeat customers.

Here is a Unbiased Herbalife ReviewThe whole secret to the success of building a good rewarding network marketing business is YOU and your understanding of how to create a sales and selling process that works. The first thing you have to do it is discover how to create leads using the attraction promoting process and / or thru advertising, and then convert those leads into purchasers and members of your down-line. Once you are successful then it’s your job to guide them on to take those self same profitable actions. So do not fret about a negative Herbalife review you find online and don’t pay too much attention to the positive reviews.

Because the fact of the matter is there are many hundreds, maybe even thousands, of folk making a full-time executive earnings promoting and growing their nutritional enterprises. If they can do it, you can do it, if you are willing to find out how to sell and promote your business. Are you going to be Herbalife’s next success story? It’s your decision to decide.

So what’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is that Herbalife is another network marketing company offering a wide variety of health and wellness products.

There are a FEW people make a vast income as distributors of these different products but MOST people will never make enough money to even cover the cost of their monthly fees to get more products that ship to them monthly.

Wondering if this is the fault of the company or opportunity? Definitely Not.

Basically it comes down to this…..the majority of people really have no clue about what it really takes to build a profitable business once they have chased off all their friends and family.

Proven fact is that the MAJORITY of people do not have a clue how to MARKET and you are highly encouraged to figure that out first before signing up with a company… including Herbalife.

So what’s the solution?

Here is a Unbiased Herbalife Review

Well you need to learn how to market, so you don’t have to chase your friends and family to the end of the earth and beyond.

How are you going to learn to market?

Check out this very simple marketing system that allows me recruit more people online and on auto-pilot than 1000 home meetings could ever generate.

Click Here Right Now To See The System That I Use

Tell me below what you really think of my Herbalife Review below

Here is a Unbiased Herbalife Review

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Here is a Unbiased Herbalife Review

robert strong

Internet Marketing Ninja at
I was a once over worked under paid and definitively under appreciated retail manager that had enough of the corporate rat race. I found a creative solution to work less, make more money and live the life that i wanted to live and not what others wanted me to. click here right now to see the simple little system that I'm using that can help you make more money in any business you are in right now!
Steve says:

I’ve been introduced to Herblife and it’s products in a very original and “not-gonna go after your wallet and circle of influence” kind of way and I am becoming quite a fan. Although I had hoped for a review of the Herbalife products and not just the MLM aspect of it. I found this very insightful and am curious to learn more about how I can make the most of an MLM involvement.

I became a distibutor for my own use and buying these products at a discount is additional incentive to climb the ladder. Yet, I would like to look into becoming one of the top 15% as I’ve watched a friend of mine have immediate success with his circle of influence but I am not about chasing down my friends and family to the ends of the Earth. The way I see it, if they see the changes in me and want to know, I can tell them, but I am more interested in pursuing this opportunity based off of this post.

Thank you for your post!

Thank you for the honesty.

Hi Steve,

First I would like to say thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I get hundreds of visitors to this specific post per day but it seems just recently people are starting to comment!

If I could give you some advice to begin with, you said that you had the first experience “in a very original and “not-gonna go after your wallet and circle of influence” kind of way” ….. what did you like about it… did it make you feel? Use this same approach as you talk to people…..if it worked for you, you will be amazed….

I am glad that you are an actual user of the products, sorry I am not, and you were hoping for that type of review….maybe next time…. or here is a better idea, you can do it! Make a video on a very specific [keyword] (make sure you do your keyword research) and use exact match to see how many searches it gets…..make a blog post, get some backlinks and you will be amazed at the traffic that leads to sales/members you can get.

I totally agree with you….. I refuse to chase friends and family… not even talk about it…….

As with any business MLM/ Brick and Mortar – everyone wants more customers or leads – why did GoDaddy do that ridicolous ad for the Super Bowl? They want more customers…..why was that ad designed the way it was…..think it was intentional?

I do……


It sticks in people’s minds, it will be with them forever……It is Marketing 101……stand out from the crowd… different ……be unique……!

So if you are wanting to build a team, start being yourself, get some content out there, articles, videos, whatever…..but make a commitment to yourself that 180 days will be the minimum, and that you will do a video, or a blog post, or a article EVERY SINGLE DAY….even if you have to give up watching that box on the wall that steals money out of your pocket every single day (yep you guessed right ….your TV)


I AM…..are you?
robert strong recently posted..A Short Review: The Origami Owl CompanyMy Profile

John says:

I apologize for the language. I have been in the business for a couple Months. I’m growing and and am looking into other options instead of leads. However I am doing very well on the products. I just find it sad that when I click the link find out what I used, it brings you to a page that has people with million dollar checks. I paid for MLSP for 2 months and it was garbage. You still have to build a site and generate your own traffic. There is no help with the hardest part generating traffic. So here is my opinion of what I see here. Which please feel free to tell me I’m wrong or explain to me what works. If you are not herbalife you used their name because people will search for it. Then you have a system which people will sign up for to attempt to get leads that you will make a commission on. Then just like MLSP i’m sure the first thing when people sign up is kick start your income by getting people to sign up so you can help them get leads to start there business and put a little money in your pocket. Which the person I signed up for under MSLP on my second log in tried to get me to sign up to be a beach body coach, We never had a conversation and I just signed up for MLSP to see what they had to offer. Where’s the link to your page that’s going to tell me exactly what you have to offer an how it can help me? Or contact number to explain how it works. Screen Shots? Examples? What is your MLM company? or are you just trying to market leads? The beginning of the video and this whole design screams MLM. MLM business can be very successful but people still have to put the time in. It’s not just simple money which is what your marketing and everyone flashes.

Hey John,

I accept your apology, and I know that you are/were frustrated and I hope that our conversation moving forward can help you a little……So I am going to respond back to your comment as I read through…..First of all…were you even surprised I approved your comment……..figured as much….I am just that kinda guy, I let people have their opinions and let them comment as they will, and vent if needed….

You stated that “I just find it sad that when I click the link find out what I used, it brings you to a page that has people with million dollar checks” – this is part of marketing, just like anything that you watch on tv, it pulls on emotions…. I do not feel that it is right or wrong, as it can be obtained…but not by everyone….WHY? Well some people come into this industry with the “entitlement” or “lottery” mentality and once they do not make 5k their first month….they give up and quit! Which to me is totally ridiculous but hey it’s their call. This is really like any business, unless you can hire tons of people to do everything for you, YOU have got to do it yourself, and a TON of it…..And there will be sacrifices that you have to make, sacrifices that many people are not either able or willing to make…. that is just the truth…

I am sorry that you felt that MLSP was garbage, I am involved in MLSP and my team and I use it daily, and we did not have to build our own sites…..I am sorry that you felt that you had to do that?

Generating traffic is easy….. I know that sounds like a “pitch” but it really is…..There are so many ways you can do it…..I generate a ton of traffic through this site, PROVIDING what I consider value for people…..ideas, thought provoking topics, and yes even reviews…… Yes my reviews are what I consider un-biased, and they generate tons of traffic, and I can do that because I know how to do keyword research properly…..not saying you don not, just saying that there are a great deal of people that do not.

Yes I used Herbalife to attract people to this site and it does quite well, hundreds of people hit this specific page per day!

I offer an opportunity for people that may be looking at herbalife as a way to change their lifestyle or a way to make some extra money for whatever….Everyone on my team has a story and I know what it is, as this is a team and we help each other, we have found success with each other, have had drinks together and even shed a tear or two…. ( well a few of us have)…. mostly due to our computers stressing us out….

I give my team an opportunity to tell me what they would like to obtain, more freedom, more money, a bigger team…. and I give them options to get their…..ideas, motivation and a solid foundation to build upon. I am sorry someone tried to get you to join up with the company right off the bat…..I have people on my team that market and promote different mlm companies, but we all have an understanding that one great tide will rise all ships….so we help each other out all the time, what is working what is not…..

I would recommend that you focus on one traffic generation strategy and “OWN” it for 6 months…. live it, eat it, breath it, dream about it, and in 6 months you will be amazed at your results……that is what I did with SEO and that is why now …… I get asked to do training that attracts so many people…..want proof… all about it here!

But it was not easy……

I was willing to DIE for my success…..

Are you……?

Thank you again for leaving such a in depth comment…..let me know if I can help in any way!


robert strong recently posted..A Short Review: The Origami Owl CompanyMy Profile

Dorothy says:

Hi Robert

I just want to let you know that you are doing a great Job and the first one who commented was just jealous of you. Thank you for sharing your post :)

Hello Dorothy,

Aww…..thanks……(blush blush)…..I understand his frustration…..been there……handled it a little differently…….but I made a promise to myself that I WOULD NOT be part of the 97% of people that fail…..I was willing to die for it……

I sacrificed so much….

Anyone can be successful, there is not a secret that we are holding back from people……we tell people all the time what they need to do:

Mastermind with other successful people
Create content daily, a video, a blog post, an article…..Provide value to people – offer to help!
Market daily…..
Read at least one hour a day ( books like “Start With Why”, The Travelers Gift, Think and Grow Rich…..
Never Quit!

There were days that I was so close to quitting, because of one thing or another…..the big ones were……site crashed…..Thanks GoDaddy!!!! lol…..

But if I would of quit, would I be here right now, having this conversation with you and others? Nope……

So the commitment that I made to myself, is one that I can be proud of…..

The same one that anyone can be proud of…..if they are willing to do whatever it takes!

Well Dorothy, thank you again for the nice comment, appreciate the feedback!

Until next time…… :-)

robert strong recently posted..A Short Review: The Origami Owl CompanyMy Profile

John says:

So your one of the distributors that started with herbalife and now your stuck finding leads so you joined a company that will help you get leads which is more MLM bullsh*t just like myleadsystem pro. No one takes this job seriously. If your a distributor you should help your downline and be active in sales yourself before getting your distributor. You should also understand and be knowledgable about the products. I see theres no comments on this page so mine will proly get deleted too. Won’t be surprised!

Well John,

I almost want to say thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment….but I just cannot bring myself to do that.

I first of want to say that I was never involved with Herbalife, and I do not have a hard time generating tons of traffic, leads or a downline. I am sorry that you have so much anger in your words, seems you are a little upset because your business is not doing very well so you decide to lash out at me…… That’s ok, I will sleep just fine tonight as your words or poor attitude will not affect my ability to move forward and keep building my business.

If you actually read the entire post I stated that “Proven fact is that the MAJORITY of people do not have a clue how to MARKET and you are highly encouraged to figure that out first before signing up with a company… including Herbalife.”

This is a proven fact that most people do struggle with knowing how to market, and they struggle….you as pretty much any marketer on the internet and they will say their biggest challenge is lead generation….

I wish you more success in your endeavors, but I feel that may be a challenge for as long as you continue to lash out at people like you did here!

I would also like to say that the only thing that I changed on your comment is adding a astrick into your foul language….
robert strong recently posted..An Honest USANA ReviewMy Profile

Brian Couch says:

I like the way you handled this Robert, we should connect on facebook. I’ll look for you right now. John seems like someone with a broke mindset of scarcity. Usually instead of probing more for discovery, they wallow in ignorance.
Brian Couch recently posted..Amway Reviews-Amway Is Still Around?My Profile

Hey Brian,

Thanks so much, As you can see it all worked itself out….Sure hit me up on Facebook –
robert strong recently posted..Pure Leverage ReviewMy Profile

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